bellic-peel-glow-brightening-soap-review (5)
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Bellic Peel and Glow Brightening Soap Review

bellic-peel-glow-brightening-soap-review (5)
bellic-peel-glow-brightening-soap-review (5)

This year, I claimed that I will no longer clamor for paper white skin. I promised to embrace my own skin color and hope to influence others to do the same. But I won’t settle using basic and boring soaps for my face and body. I’m turning 30 this year and it means one thing. When we reach a certain age *ehem* our skin cells regenerates at a slower rate.  It means old cells stay longer, making our skin look dull, dry, and old. That’s why it’s recommended to exfoliate at least twice a week. Physical exfoliation like using a towel or loofah can only do so much. That’s why I’m so happy when I discovered this soap while window shopping in Watson’s.


Bellic Peel and Glow Brightening Soap

Bellic Peel and Glow Brightening Soap, combines the multiple power of naturally-derived peeling and whitening ingredients: Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Daisy Flower Extract, and Kojic Acid to ensure effective peeling for healthier, younger, and brighter skin. Added with skin conditioner for a softer and smoother feel.


  • Glycolic Acid – Alpha Hydroxy Acid, for exfoliation, removes dead skin cells. Aids in skin regeneration
  • Salicylic Acid – Beta Hydroxy Acid, for exfoliation, removes dead skin sells. Helps dry pimples
  • Daisy Flower Extract – Daisy Flower Extract is a non-toxic extract of the Daisy Flower often used to brighten skin and prevent hyperpigmentation. Daisy Flower Extract has been shown to inhibit the production of tyrosine (an amino acid necessary for the formation of melanin – the skin’s own natural color) in the skin by as much as 50 percent while preventing further hyperpigmentation. Daisy Flower Extract, an effective, powerful alternative to Hydroquinone, is safe for even the most sensitive skin types, including pregnant women.

    Daisy Flower Extract contains organic acids (tartaric and malic acids, in particular) in higher amounts, making it a valuable ingredient with its lightening and exfoliating properties. The daisy’s leaves, which have a history of topical application for healing wounds and serving as compresses, encourage exceptional repair in skin tissue. The extract provides antiseptic properties that can remove bacteria from the surface of the skin, keeping it healthy. Daisy Flower Extract is a great alternative for people who can’t tolerate Hydroquinone or Kojic Acid or are pregnant and want to effectively treat hyperpigmentation.

  • Kojic Acid – Helps brighten skin by slowing down melanin formation and replacing it with lighter melanin




Bellic Peel and Glow Brightening Soap Review

Price – It’s only 66 pesos for a bar of soap. Cheap!

Packaging – The bright orange is a standout

Texture – Slippery and cold pressed.

Scent – Citrus Floral

Does it work? YES. I’ve been using it everyday for the past month and it keeps my skin look bright and clear. It has no significant change on my skin tone. It did not make “white” but radiant and healthy. Youthful.

Will I buy again? YES. It’s cheap and it works.

Final Thoughts  – While it still has kojic acid that often makes me itchy and irritated, I found this soap to be gentler than its counterparts. It doesn’t leave any stinging sensation and kept my skin feeling soft and moisturized after taking a shower. The micropeeling is there. You can notice it when you rinse the soap off and see the water looking brownish (signs of dead skin). Bellic Kojic soap doesn’t irritate the skin. Like a luxury soap with the drugstore price!



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