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Flash Review: Catrice Cosmetics Strobing Duo Highlighter


If I had to choose between a bronzer and a highlighter, I’ll definitely choose the latter. Adding highlights to the right areas of your face provides glow, youth, and radiance. However, most highlighters are too loud with large sparkles. It may look great on photos and in the evening, but it’s not recommended during daytime. That’s why this Limited Edition Strobing Duo Highlighter from Catrice Cosmetics is special. Why? You probably got the hint already but read my full review.

Catrice Cosmetics Strobing Duo Highlighter PHOTOS and SWATCH



Catrice Cosmetics Strobing Duo Highlighter Review

Packaging – I wish it came with mirror and applicator.

Coverage – It’s very subtle. I had to use 5 swipes for it to really show up in photos. It looks gorgeous in real life.

Staying Power – It lasts 5 hours tops on me without any retouching.

Shade/Finish – What’s nice about this is when it mixes with your skin’s natural oil, it even produces a beautiful glow. The shimmers are ultra fine. One of the smallest I’ve encountered.

Texture – Silky

Scent – None

Final Thoughts – You can get this baby at Watson’s if it’s still available. Hurry because it’s limited edition. If you’re the shy-type who still wants that G-L-O-W then this one’s for you because it’s subtle and barely there, but it is there!


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