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Belo Acne Pro Review

I just had to make this my thumbnail picture because I’m quite proud of the “After” shot. I’ll tell you the story below. When was the last time you had a pimple? Diba nakakainis? Just as when things are going smoothly in your life, you wake up, look in the mirror, and see a huge zit pop out of your face. Let’s call the annoying pimple, Pimpy. Oh gosh I remember years ago when I had huge cystic pimpy all over my cheeks and it took YEARS to remove *sob*

No he’s not another cute mascot, Pimpy is an annoying pimple that can make us less attractive. Imagine if you have 10 of those on your face? The horror! I woke up one morning and my chin felt sore. OMG. A reversed cystic pimpy. It’s the worst of their kind. It’s underneath your skin and within your flesh that it’s not only ugly, it’s painful too! :*(
I’m not inventing this story folks but it was really perfect timing for Belo to send me out their latest Belo Acne Pro Set to try! I was thinking before, how can I review a product if I didn’t have any acne in the first place? Lo behold. A pimpy! Good thing I have new weapons to destroy this pimple once and for all! I looked at my products and thought to myself “Gosh I hope this works.”

What is Belo Acne Pro?

Well, it’s their latest line of skincare that targets pimples! Finally! Something for acne-proned individuals. Their active ingredient is quite unique. Have you ever heard of Bee Venom?. It’s been the latest buzz world-wide that it’s an all natural ingredient clinically proven to treat acne and reduce inflammation.


Belo Acne Pro Pimple Fighting Gel Face Wash – 50ml 99.75PHP

I tried this and it’s not as “sudsy” compared to other facial washes. It also doesn’t sting and feels mild on my face. After washing, my face does not feel tight or dry, just clean! It feels really gentle unlike other acne products that just plain stings! It’s oil-free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic (won’t clog our pores! Hoorah!)



Belo Acne Pro Treatment Toner – 60ml 79.75PHP

I rarely use toner but using this one is a treat. It makes my face feel extra clean and not only does it help reduce inflammation, it also helps unclog pores from dirt and grime. I have red spots someitmes and this helps tone it down.

Belo Acne Pro Pimple Gel – 10g 149.75

This has to be my favorite product of the set! Finally! An acne gel that doesn’t sting, but works!
With the help of bee venom, it claims to dry pimpies, calms redness and inflamamation while help heal wound. It has anti-bacterial properties too. Some acne gels actually leave a dark mark, Belo Acne Pro Pimple Gel  doesn’t leave any scar, it lightens them!
Spot Treating!



If you’re going to get the whole set it’s just going to cost you less than 350php, it’s quite affordable compared to other acne sets you can purchase anywhere. The thing is, it does work. I was given 2 weeks to give this product a try, to see if it can help with my pimpy problems and you know what? I expected 2 weeks; My pimpy dramatically reduced in size to almost non-existend OVERNIGHT.
This is recommended for people who have the ocassional PMS pimpies, stress pimpies, love pimpies. You know, mild to moderate cases of acne. #GoodbyePimpy!
Kikaysikat Rating 5/5 stars
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