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Slammin Mini Burgers Review

Like I always said. When I feature “FOOD” on my blog, it’s either you’re ridiculously good, or extremely bad. And these Slammin Mini Burgers I tried last time at Greenhills Promenade were so delicious, just thinking about them makes me want to go back (even if I just went there last Saturday)

Prepare for food porn.



These are fake fries! I’m starving!




Packaged like this. It’s the perfect sack to munch on movies. Wayyy better than boring popcorn.






The burgers might looked bite sized but they’re jam packed with flavor. I’m very particular about burger patties and I must say theirs is BEEF. WELL SEASONED, JUICY and MOIST. I’m not exaggerating. The size is perfect for you to savor each bite, making you crave for another piece,compared to big sized burger that will make you vomit because it’s so bad (See my review: Burger Avenue’s Busog Badtrip Burger)
I tried the All American Sliders and Bacon N Mushroom burgers plus their fries and drinks. The bacon was generously placed. The buns were perfectly cooked. Soft on the inside, and ever so slight crisp on the outside. It is served to you freshly cooked!
The fries are crispy but not the best. It’s largely cut and you can see it’s made from real potatoes.
It costs around 500php good for 2 meals. Those are 2 triples, fries, and drinks.
I shall return!!!! I so want to try your wings and I will come back for the Bacon N Mushroom and more.
Greenhills Promenade
Market Market

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