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Best Sunblocks for Summer 2014

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As too much sun UV rays can cause damage, skin aging, marks, sunburn, and more to our precious skin. I jotted up a list of my favorite sunblocks for summer. They are the must haves this season because while there are SPF in our lotions, makeups, or BB creams. Having something with specific functions for swimming like making it waterproof, and having higher SPF is important.

Summer is finally here and we can’t wait to bathe under the warm rays of the sun. With our feet enveloped in soft sand while hearing the waves of the ocean whispering in our ears. *sigh* Tell me, you want to be at the beach right now no? While we want to soak ourselves in sea water (okay maybe swimming pools too), we must not forget to protect our skin the entire time!

Some individual reviews are available just click on the sunblock name.  ^_^ I have tried all of these sunscreens and they are my favorites. They are NOT in any particular order.



Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion+ Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ For Face/Body


The flagship product of Shiseido. I put this on top of my list because it works as an effective sunscreen lotion AND as a makeup in one. Some women are not comfortable to go out in the world barefaced. Especially for those who are troubled with acne and skin imperfections. Shiseido’s sun protection line works effectively to protect your skin, and provide natural coverage to make you look flawless even under the sun. Being waterproof, you also need not to worry of your sunscreen melting off your face or body. It also comes in many different forms from pressed powder, lotion, foundation stick, and cream.
It also feels light and cool on the skin compared to other sunscreens. It also doesn’t sting the eye when it gets mixed with water. So this definitely tops our list!



 Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 130 PA++

With it’s super high SPF. I recommend this to people who are not fond of re-applying their sunscreen over and over. I attest using this only once and it kept my skin from burning under the sun. It was the time when we went white water rafting in cagayan and had to stay rowing the boat, under the heat of the sun in the middle of the day. You cannot retouch your sunblock during those times because you had to keep rowing. No time to rest with the intense activity!

It’s texture is milky and easily spread out to the skin. One thing you have to watch out for is that it does sting your eye if it gets to it so be careful. Your skin will remain fair and minimize tanning when you use this sunblock.


Ultra Sheer® Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 100+

I see this in most of my friends’ summer kits, and I get to use it when I forget to bring mine *hahaha* It is in cream-type, and it does as it says. It’s fast absorbing, water resistant, and doesn’t feel sticky. But with regards to the lightweight clean-feel. It doesn’t seem to be as light weight as it is claiming to be.



Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion
The brand I use for my baby. Aveeno makes great gentle products that I literally trust them for my son’s skincare needs (also mine) It doesn’t give him adverse reactions and it doesn’t sting his sensitive eyes. Geof loves to swim so much that this is a must must to protect his young skin.


Belo SPF50+++ Transparent Mist SunExpert

I remember bringing this baby with me when I had to travel to the US. I was looking for a sunscreen that can last for MONTHS with daily usage and easy to use. With Belo’s mist, you can just spray this all over your body after taking a shower and you’re good to go. What I did not like too much is that is has a very chemical and plastic scent that can overpower your perfumes during its initial spray.

That’s it folks, if you reached the end of this post thank you very much. Feel free to browse around the site and you may find more articles to tickle your fancy. Ta ta!


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