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Food Review: Nihon Bashitei Japanse Restaurant

It’s hard not to say Nihon Bashitei without an exclamation mark at the end and saying it loud with a cheerful smile like this -> ^_^Nihon Bashitei is a quaint Japanese restaurant along the streets of Makati. They have a wide variety of japanese dishes to choose from their menu. The best thing about Nihon Bashitei is their LARGE servings so you definitely get your money’s worth. Most of the time, they say that the serving is good for only 1 person but I beg to disagree.

My colleagues and I went out for lunch a couple of weeks ago and we weren’t able to finish our meal because it was too much and too many! It was delicious nonetheless. Here are some of the dishes I tried *wink*

Eating is so much fun don’t you think?


I did not get to eat this tofu because I don’t like tofu. But my colleague said it was well cooked. Crispy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside.


Their tuna sashimi tastes fresh and not frozen


This is our favorite. The spicy tuna maki with tempura breading on top to add that crispy texture. It’s that perfect savory appetizer that’s good to share with friends.


Variety is nice so ordering their super huge bento is worth it


Japanese rice and Miso soup! They use quality japanese rice. Too bad it’s not unlimited. Hehe


Beef gyudon. This is not mine. 🙂 Generous servings of beef and onion. Colleague said it was tender, moist, and flavorful.


Pork tonkatsu, Beef teriyaki, egg, and salmon. Although I had a LOT on my plate. It wasn’t as good as others have ordered. My tonkatsu was dry, salmon was bland, and the teriyaki was too sweet. I didn’t eat the egg because it looked weird. 🙁 It’s a good meal if you’re hungry since it has a lot of things in it. I mean it wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t the best.

Nihon Bashitei – Arnaiz Avenue, San Lorenzo Makati

Average cost per person – 400php

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