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Bleached and Healthy: Hair-Saving Tips for Blondes

Over 75% of women have their hair color-treated in some way. No statistics exist to say how many of them choose to bleach their locks, but one can safely assume that that number is high. Only about 2% of the planet’s population are naturally blonde and even their locks grow darker with age. This means that the majority of blondes you meet every day have their locks treated. If you plan to join their number, you’ll need to learn some important bleached hair care tips to ensure your tresses remain healthy despite the rather ‘harsh’ procedure.

5 Bleached Hair Care Tips You Should Start Using Right Away

  1. Make deep conditioning treatment your best friend

Bleaching is so damaging for hair because it makes your locks and the scalp extremely dry. The procedure literally burns out the color from your hair. Which makes it rather brittle, dull, and prone to splitting.

The best solution for this problem is the application of deep conditioning treatments at least once a week. You can find a variety of deep conditioning products or make some yourself using the contents of your pantry. Shea butter or coconut+tea tree oil are the best natural options available as they won’t change the color of your locks.

  1. Tone your locks instead of bleaching again

One of the main rules of bleached hair care is getting a root treatment every 6-8 weeks. This is necessary because your locks will grow out by that time. However, you shouldn’t ‘re-bleach’ your hair completely, even if it gets yellower than you’d like. Note that it will become more yellow or even brass-colored. This is a natural reaction of bleached tresses.

Treating all your hair will only damage it further, so you should look for other ways of changing the tone. Toners and specialized shampoos for blonde locks are exactly what you need. If you have some cold shade of blonde, using a purple-tinted shampoo will neutralize the yellowing. This kind of product can be found at amr.com.au.

Toners are more long-lasting versions of the tinted shampoo. They aren’t dyes and won’t damage your locks nearly as much. However, this treatment is still harsher than a shampoo. Therefore, you should minimize your use of them.

  1. Don’t wash your hair often

Washing your locks once every 2-3 days is the minimum you should aim at. Remember that bleaching makes your hair extremely dry? Shampooing adds to that damage every time. If you need to have your locks styled, you can simply get them wet and apply a conditioner.

By keeping the shampooing to a minimum you will also prolong the ‘life’ of your tone. This will allow you to ‘refresh’ the color less often, which means less damage to your locks overall.

  1. Stay out of the sun

Even if summertime is your favorite season and you adore spending every free minute out on the beach, you should try to keep your hair out of the sunlight. While it’s true that spending some time out in the sun might make your tresses lighter naturally, it works the other way round for bleached locks. Yellowing and even developing an orange hue are more likely reactions to a few hours under the sun.

If staying indoors isn’t an option, invest in an SPF hairspray and wear some kind of head cover. This will not only protect the color of your bleached locks but also reduce the risks of a heat stroke.

  1. Get a trim when treating your roots

Regular trims should become ‘a must’ of your bleached hair care routine. This quick procedure will make your locks look healthier and reduce the risk of split ends.

You should get a trim every 6-8 weeks, the same as root color treatment. Get both these services on the same day and you’ll leave the salon looking refreshed and gorgeous

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