vmv hypoallergenics cheek stick
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Boldy Glow with VMV Hypoallergenics Bloom Blush Stick (Review, Photos, Swatch)

vmv hypoallergenics cheek stick
vmv hypoallergenics cheek stick

The Macho Mom Says…

Now let’s talk about the VMV Hypoallergenics Bloom Blush Stick. I have the shade in Pant and it’s like NARS Orgasm on a stick. Wait that doesn’t sound right HAHA. I brought it to Baler and have been wearing it like 24/7 from beach to night party. It’s a color flexible enough to be worn during the day and night. It smells wonderful too. Literally smells like the beach because of its coconut content.



The texture is 100% creamy and does not set into powder. Some shades are matte, some shades have shimmer, some are opalescent. It’s also a bit sticky so if you want it to stay on longer, I recommend using a good setting powder or finishing spray.


It gives a wonderful flush of radiance that makes you look like you’re blushing from within. I didn’t mind keeping it in my purse for occasional retouching. The best part? It’s GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN. Coconut oil is known as a natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial and rich with anti-oxidants. It’s so good I forgot to wash my face that night but I didn’t break out the following day. Aha aha! The 2,000 php price-range? Definitely worth it.


The packaging is to die for! It’s made from crushed mother of pearl shells. Talk about beautiful luxury. I wonder if they can make their special shell casing even more sustainable and environmentally friendly? The mother of pearl finishes is gorgeous!


The casing itself is beautiful enough to become a wearable accessory. When I get the point where I empty my cheek stick, I’m planning to DIY the shell into a necklace pendant!

VMV Hypoallergenic Says.. 

This ultra-special blush-highlighter is so good for you, it’s hard to believe it’s makeup. 100% “skinnocent” of parabens, preservatives, phthalates, fragrances, and allergens, it’s as close to skincare as a blush can get.


9 shades — 4 of them dye-free — including a bronzer and highlighter. In sustainably-sourced, crushed-shell casings, randomly matched with shades, to prevent over-sourcing.


The unique stick form allows for versatile applications. So creamy, it won’t sit on skin or settle into lines like some powder products — instead it gives skin an incredibly natural bloom and radiance.


Rich in clinically-published, organic virgin coconut oil (Also read: Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil for Your Skin) — the same cold-first-pressed oil from our farm with its own clinical studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals. And yes, in a blush. Also contains coconut-derived monolaurin, and antioxidants. Non-comedogenic, clarifying, and intensely moisturizing.

Encased in beautiful crushed shell from the Philippines. Mostly mother of pearl, the shells are sustainably sourced (certified as not endangered and sourced in accordance to local fishery laws).


Each shade may come in any of the 3 shell finishes. We did this to help ensure that no one shell is ever over-sourced…whatever is available at a given time, is used.

Where to buy? VMV boutiques, SM Department Stores, VMVHypoallergnics.ph




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