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KAI Restaurant Greenbelt : 10 Hours Buta Kakuni Braised Pork Belly

Braised for 10 Hours? Really Now? 350PHP

Being a penchant for Japanese food, I was ecstatic to know that I was invited for lunch by Ms. Cathy from Vitapack Philippines at KAI restaurant at Greenbelt 5. Now I was supposed to review the other food like the dragonroll (which was delicious and addictive I tell ya) and the tuna sashimi (fresh fresh fresh). I only got the picture of the Buta Kakuni because we ate the sushi dishes so fast I did not get the change to take photos haha. (Soooo hungry)

I got the Buta Kakuni as my main course because I read several foodie sites saying that when meat is slow cooked it becomes so tender and flavorful. I was salivating while reading their reviews so I ordered this right away.


It tasted like ordinary pork asado to my tastebuds. It didn’t feel like it was cooked slowly for 10 hours because while the meat isn’t tough, it is not tender either and pork is easier to tenderize than beef mind you, and I had more tender beef at Jo-Em’s Malate.

I will probably eat at KAI again but for the other dishes, not this one.

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