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Bounty Fresh’s Celebration of World Chicken and Egg Day!

Chicken and eggs are staples in a typical pinoy’s diet. From fried chicken to adobo. It’s a must-have in our grocery list. So it’s not a surprise if the very first World Chicken and Egg day celebration in the Philippines was held last October 12 at Trinoma’s Activity Center together with Bounty Fresh! Here’s what happened during the event in cased you missed it.


An OctoberFresh celebration of World Chicken and Egg Day

Bounty Fresh’s chicken and egg products, which are strictly produced using only the state-of-the-art, ISO certified technology and processes, will be featured in several activities lined up for the whole day. Culinary segments, like a cooking demo, will use only the freshest, most nutritious, and definitely affordable to every Filipino family. This is in line with Bounty Fresh’s theme, OctoberFresh, which focuses on the many benefits in buying only the fresh products.

The Chickenovela, featuring Chicky, the character representing all of Bounty Fresh’s products. She laid an egg and eventually lost it. Fortunately, her friends online did everything they can to find some clues on the whereabouts of her missing baby, which led them to TriNoma Activity Center.

A great bounty was offered to a chosen few, who helped Chicky in finding her baby egg. But before they do, they battled it out on stage, going through competitions like “SWEGG” Dance Challenge, “Beatbok” Challenge, and “Eggs Factor” Season 2 Cooking Challenge. A grand prize of Php 100,000 was, along with consolation prizes, and some Masflex items.

And if they can’t get enough of Bounty Fresh, there will be Chicken and Egg Sale, where everyone can was able to purchase poultry products for as low as 20 pesos!

All of these activities and giveaways are the least Bounty Fresh can do to make its customers enjoy this year’s World Chicken and Egg Day. Bounty Fresh promises to continuously provide Filipino families with succulent meat of high quality, steroid-free chickens, and the most nutritious and fresh white and brown eggs, all at the most affordable price.

Aside from the Philippines, the event was also celebrated in countries like Australia, The UK, USA, Brazil, France, and neighbouring Asian countries like Vietnam and Indonesia, to name a few.

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