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Breakfast at Dome Cafe

Don’t you just love breakfasts? Hmm.. but I heard some people skip em, so please tell me are you the type of person who skips breakfast or the one who eats? But if you doo skip breakfast please don’t. It’s the most important meal of the day. It gives you the initial energy you need for the whole day so that what you it in the next meals are for support. It’s also great if you want to go on a non-strict diet. Fill yourself up early in the morning and let your daily activities burn it all away while snacking on small treats. It’s my trick for keeping weight off. *wink* a delicious way to diet.

I think this was a couple of weeks ago, on my way to work my stomach was grumbling for something oily, heavy, and full! So I got myself a full breakfast from Dome.

Yum… I got my greasy plate of eggs, bacon, hashbrown, and wheat bread (for the sake of making the breakfast the least healthy haha) and green tea and mint tea from Twinings, a whole pot 🙂
It’s a breakfast you can always make at home, so paying for this one was not worth it.. but I don’t have the time of day to cook 🙁 so have to eat out all the time..

Eating at dome makes you feel you go back to the 50’s.. it looks so classic inside.. and comfy.. 🙂


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