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Budget Brows: EB Advance Brow Define Waterproof Brow Matic Liner Review (Espresso)

EB Advance Brow Define Waterproof Brow Matic Liner Review

EB Advance Brow Define Waterproof Brow Matic Liner Review

Kaway-kaway sa mga naghihintay ng review ko dito! But for the benefit of everyone I’m keeping all my posts on kikaysikat written in English. Today we’ll be reviewing EB Advance Brow Define Waterproof Brow Matic Liner. It’s only 80 pesos and claims to be long wearing and waterproof. When it comes to eyebrows I don’t really splurge on products because just like this, you can find an awesome product at an affordable cost.




Get fluffier looking eyebrows with the Ever Bilena Advance Waterproof Brow Liner. Its retractable design makes outlining, filling, and defining your brows easier than ever. It comes with a built-in sharpener to keep brows on-point.

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EB Advance Brow Define Waterproof Brow Matic Liner Review


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Kindly ignore my facial hair, skin discoloration, and signs of blackheads. Focus on my brows. I like mine full and fluffy. EB’s Eye Pencil has just the right amount of stiffness. Not too soft that it makes it too easy to put pigment on and make you look like Bert from Sesame Street. Not too hard that it makes it too hard for you to actually draw your brows.

Espresso is just the perfect brown if you have light brown – brown hair. It flatters your entire features. It lasts long and doesn’t need sharpening because it’s twist-up. You only need the sharpener if you want to fine tune your pen. It also comes in another shade in Slate which applies on grayish black. This is perfect for those women with dark hair.

Waterproof? YES. It lasted longer than most of my other brow pencils (Etude House, Maybelline,  Shiseido)

EB Advance Brow Define Waterproof Brow Matic Liner is nothing fancy but does the job. I don’t really recommend splurging on brow pencils so I highly recommend trying this one. Besides, no matter how expensive your make-up is, if you don’t know the art of putting it on, it’s useless. It’s the artist, not the medium.




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  • Reply Ci Ey Leonida February 3, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for this. I will try this next time Ms. Kat, I’m currently using Étude and medyo hindi na ko happy, bilis mangintab ng eyebrows ko

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