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Buy! or Bye? Esfolio Snow Whitening Cream Review!

A whitening cream that instantly brightens face, looks natural, dries matte and acts as a primer?  Yes siree! Esfolio’s Snow Whitening Cream (369php) is perfect for ladies who don’t want obvious shimmer or blinding glimmer from similar products. The effect is so subtle but leaves your face looking fresh and well-rested. Perfect for galing-sa-puyat mornings!

Take note that whitening does not mean totally changing your skin tone perse. Most asian products just label them as “whitening” but their real function is brightening.

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Snow whitening cream is recommended to use when trying to hide age spots, freckles, and blemishes Wanting to brighten skin tone for meeting or parties, wanting to revive dull skin due to frequent use of makeup. Going out in a hurry without makeup, smoothing out rough skin.



The anti-pollution ingredient consist of 5 kind of seaweed extracts. Portulaca oleracea extract, hyaluronic acid, pearl extract, niacinamide, hydrolized collagen.

Before & After

Esfolio Snow Whitening Cream Review

Packaging – It comes in a frosted squeeze tube with pump. I think this makes sure you get the most out of it compared to bottle-pumps. It’s compact enough to carry with you in your purse. It also disperses in small amount so it’s economical.

Texture – Slippery, smooth, and I assume because of the silicone content. It’s silky to apply and dries matte. Unlike other creams that are sticky. You don’t have to set this one with powder, because it sets like powder.

Ingredients – From niacinamide to hydrolyzed collagen. As I mentioned above. Promising but after 2 weeks of use, I don’t see any long-term effects or something that stuck to my skin even without wearing this.

Does it work? As an instant skin perk-me-up or skin brightener, a definite YES. But don’t expect any miraculous long-term whitening/brightening effects. I suggest taking oral whitening supplements if that’s the case.

Final Thoughts – I’ve been using this on a daily basis that I think I’m almost out (2 weeks). It costs less than a thousand pesos, and is the perfect product if I want to look extra but subtle on a date or event. If you’re always puyat, haggard from school or office work but you want to look naturally “woke-up-fresh-like-this”. This is the product for you.


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