Can I Workout During My Period?

Can I workout during my period? This is
a question most ladies, not just myself, ask every single month. Heck. I always
search for answers on the internet to find an excuse from going to the gym when
I have my period. We get cramps, and we get a gush of flow.
Kanina nga my boss was asking me, (because
she spotted me blogging this during work! HAHA) “Kaycee, can you really
workout during our period? Di ba parang bawat buhat mo may parang
My boss, and the rest of the employees
in the company where I work are fitness enthusiasts. It is our company’s belief
that staying active and fit help our work productivity.

The best photographic description of what we, women experience on a monthly basis
Ah the awkward conversations with the boss. But I answered her.

“Yes we can! It shouldn’t hinder us from doing our exercises especially if we’re just insecure about the gush of flow…”

I advised her that we can exercise with a lighter load, and if she’s concerned about the heavy gush, she can just use a suitable napkin specifically for that situation.


  * Exercising During Our Period Can Give Us More Cramps

MYTH BUSTED. During our workout, our body releases endorphins that actually help relieve pain and make us feel good. Whenever I work out, instead of feeling more pain, it was actually minimized! During my heavy flow, I wear the right pad that can absorb fluids so I feel comfortable even while exercising.

   * You Have to Stop All Physical Activities During Your Period.

MYTH BUSTED. Listen to your body and do whatever makes you feel good!  You can walk, drive, run, bike, golf, shop.  Anything that you do when you don’t have your period. Although you will be moving your body in ways that might cause more of a flow, you can just use a thicker and longer pad to keep your menstrual cycle out of view. 

  * You Can’t Lift Heavy Things During Your Period

  MYTH BUSTED. Well, sort of. Older folks advise us not to lift heavy because it would contribute to a heavier flow. But there’s nothing wrong with a heavy flow if we’re wearing a pad that can actually absorb it all.

  It’s unfortunate that our monthly period surprises us with a whopping* 70% of our fluids during the first 2 days*.  We feel more conscious, and feel weird with the sudden gushes of liquid that this discomfort makes us check and even ask the age-old question,

     “Uy friend, may tagos ba ko?” / (Hey friend, do I have stains?)

Using a regular pad is not enough

So which pad?  Modess All Night!  We can actually use it even during the day, especially if we plan to do high-intensity activities. It can absorb 25% more liquid than the regular pad.

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