Review: Ally’s All Day Breakfast in Maginhawa QC

Did my minions get your attention? Or the banana almond pancakes? Good? Good. Today we’ll be visiting a breakfast place located in the food streets of Maginhawa. Ally’s All Day Breakfast! But first, a quick trip to Quezon City Circle. John and I went there at 5AM in the morning for a date for the second time around and had loads of fun again. I’m happy that QC was able to maintain the park. It was clean, and people were doing all sorts of activities there like martial arts, zumba, bicycling, and gardening!
Bwahahahaha I’m their new master!

John and I loved the ambiance. It was bright, sunny, and cheerful. The place was well lit and had a sunshine yellow color scheme.
They have minion toys you can play with and books you can read while waiting for your food
The Menu  – Diet? What diet? LOL

The Pancake Menu
Yes they have DIY Pancakes. Dream come true *_*
We arrived at 11:00 am so we settled to eat brunch. I chose the Bacon-o-Bacon (180PHP) while John chose the Spicy Shredded Batangas Beef (150PHP) Bacon Dynamite (150PHP) as our appetizer
Spicy Shredded Batangas Beef
Think tender beef tapa loaded with chili. Ugh heaven. It’s an ultimate treat for those who love spicy food as this will definitely satisfy your sili cravings. You can still taste the full beef flavor from the tapa but with enough heat. I say this is a 7/10 on spicy levels. John and I really liked this dish.
The amount of bacon was generous and it has a nice smokey maple flavor too it. I love bacon but I’d prefer this to be cooked well done and extra crispy. I prefered John’s shredded beef so I got more ulam from his plate but also finished this one 😛
Bacon Dynamite
Who loves snacking on these things? Imagine chili fingers filled with cheese then wrapped in bacon! Hayyyyy sarap.
DIY Pancakes and Waffles
Here at Ally’s All Day Breakfast, you can custom make your dream dessert
Smores Pancake
Their pancake is VERY fluffy and not so sweet so having it sandwich sweet marshmallow and chocolate is perfectly balanced.  It’s so FLUFFY… I touched it and it bounced a little
For our DIY Pancake, Ally, the owner of Ally’s All Day Breakfast recommened a combination of dulce de leche, bananas, cream cheese, almonds and whipped cream on top of a crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside waffle. My minions approve!

Final Thoughts

If you’re craving for breakfast and just around the vicinity, I definitely recommend visiting Ally’s All Day Breakfast. It has a very happy vibe and the food is superb. Writing this right now makes my mouth water and I want to go there now T_T


I’m giving away 2 GCs worth 500PHP to 2 lucky readers (1 GC each) who will answer in the comment box below “WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE BREAKFAST?”
Winners will be announced August 15 2015! 🙂
Ally’s All Day Breakfast

Diliman 50 Malingap St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, Malingap, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines


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