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Chanel Rouge Coco in Roussy (Review,Photos,Swatch) and Life Lately

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What? Chanel Rouge Coco in Roussy
Where to buy? BeautyMNL or Rustan’s Beauty
How much? 1,395php
Before I give you the juicy story on my new lipstick, would you believe the last time I’ve written something for the blog was over a week ago. The posts you see published the past few days are scheduled drafts. Something we, bloggers do just in case we couldn’t find time in the world to write because yes. Life happens. 
So how’s life going lately for me? Well I recently quit my job to pursue my “serious” “career” called “blogging” yes folks I’m blogging full-time. Supposedly. But instead of spending more time writing, I spent it going out and about, taking care of baby Geof, and enjoying life outside the internet! As far as dating is concerned, go follow my facebook page ( or my instagram (heyitsmekaycee) for juicy chismis! Orayt? Now let’s begin…


As with all cosmetic purchases, I bought this out of impulse. I was wearing a white top for a Nuffnang dinner at Planet Grapes and I didn’t like the lipstick I was wearing for it (Ruby Woo) so I decided what the heck. A good reason to buy a new lipstick LOL. I came to the Chanel counter and asked the SA to recommend a color suited for my skintone and current OOTD and she recommended Rosey. Now I’m a fan of Chanel lipstick formulations because they’re pigmented, applies smoothly, and has a nice color pay-off that doesn’t change throughout the day. Here’s better news, SA told me they reformulated Rouge Coco to be more long lasting. Claims to last 8 hours and leave a nice tint. It did and I love it.



Oh yeah. Selfie galore.





I’d say wear this lipstick when you want a pop of bright color on your face. Perfect for days when you wear a color that washes you out like white, beige, or gray. The pink is flattering. It’s actually brighter in real life but not as strong as a deep red or neon pinks. 
Okay, I’m still distracted by life! (and social media LOL… err.. and my new “lovelife” HAHAHA)
I had to re-type Roussy because I typed it as Rosey initially @[email protected]
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