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What are Some of the Best Dieting Options in 2019?

It can seem like a lonely road to travel alone when you have decided to lose weight. The most important thing is that you choose to do it and have an in-depth look at the best ways to be successful. Here is some information on two of the best dieting options currently available.


Weight Watchers Reimagined

The medical profession has defined Weight Watchers as a diet plan that helps people to lose weight by making better food and lifestyle choices. They emphasize the importance of complete physical and mental health above losing weight. The well-being of the participants comes first.


No specific foodstuffs are banned, and there are not any particular food combinations that have to be followed. You are merely encouraged to make healthy food choices and exercise more frequently.


Weight Watchers have two different diet plans. One plan uses points allocated to every food you choose to eat. You have to add up the points of your meals and snacks and make sure you stay within your allotted amount.


The other plan you can choose, called the Core Plan, is based on eating wholesome ingredients from each food group. Both are available as an app-based system.



The Noom diet plan is described as more of a lifestyle alteration program. It is also called the Weight Watchers for millennials because it is an app for your mobile device. You have to fill out a questionnaire with details of your current weight and height, and it gives you a diet plan you must follow for the next four months.


It helps you keep track of the foods you eat and how much you exercise, but what sets Noom apart from the other diet apps out there is that it focuses more on you changing the way you think about food and exercise. It should be fun and not a hardship to be endured until you hit your goal weight.


What are the best features of these eating plans?

Looking at Weight Watchers Reimagined and Noom, it is easy to see the pros and cons of both. They are designed to motivate you to stay the course and uplift you at the same time.


Weight Watchers gives you the option of connecting with health coaches and other Weight Watcher participants in your area–a positive motivation for people who like to feel connected on a human level. Noom offers the health coach’s advice only via the app.


Noom is flexible when it comes to setting your goals. If you would like to change the goals from long term to short term (very convenient if you have a special occasion coming up that you want to prepare for), you can change your goal deadline.


Both of these diet programs are perfect for anyone who has decided that 2019 is the year they will lose weight. The best feature of these diets is how they have adapted to fit in with the demands of anyone’s lifestyle.

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