Lancaster Intensive Whitening Treatment for the Face

*disclaimer: the lighting inside the clinic made my skin look 5 shades darker with a brown undertone. This is not how it looks like under natural sunlight.

The number you see at the left side of the header image is actually the post number. This is oficially the 1071th post for Woohoo. How’s everybody doing? Today I’ll share with you my Lancaster Intensive Whitening Treatment experience from Skin Philosophie. I was opting to get a regular facial because my nose is already itchy from all the blackheads, whiteheads, and clogged pores but Dra Kyla Talens suggested that they have a new treatment to offer their clients and it promises whiter, brighter skin in an instant! Who can refuse that?

What is Lancaster Intensive Whitening Treatment?

They begin my treatment with a super gentle cleansing and lymphatic massage/galvanic toning for the face. Hay this is so relaxing. I’m imagining the treatment right now while writing and I want to come back already.

Then, the apply the Lancaster Renewal Peel immediately. They leave this on for around 15 minutes. This is an exclusive type of glycolic peel that promises to lighten skin 2 shades after treatment. No, it isn’t painful. There is no sting, only a slight itchy sensation.

Afterwards to make the skin extra soft, the Hydro-Jet Peel is added.  (read my Hydro-Jet Peel Experience) Whiteheads and blackheads are removed afterwards with gentle scrubbing. Yey…I love how clean my nose feels and itch-free after this.

Then an application of a whitening mask further enhances the skin brightening process.
To make the skin even more luminous, the treatment is capped off with Vitamin C Ionto-Infusion. A potent vitamin C serum that gets instantly absorbed by the skin.

Before Lancaster Facial Peel 
After Lancaster Facial Peel


The whitening effect lasts for 6 weeks max because as our skin generates new cells, of course the real skin color will be revealed. (Except if you take glutathione). The Lancaster Intensive Whitening Treatment package is like giving your face an instant whitening overhaul with its multitude of steps done. From the feel-good lymphatic drainage massage up to the final vitamin C serum touches. Please don’t forget to put sun protection post-treatment! 
I recommend doing this facial if you want instant skin brightening, you have a date, before your wedding day, or before a party!
How much does the entire treatment cost?
Skin Philosophie Basic Facial: PhP 650
Lancaster Renewal Peel: PhP 2,100
Hydro-Jet Peel: PhP 1,000
Whitening Mask: PhP 200
Vitamin C Ionto-Infusion: Php 500
Total: 4,550
If you tell Skin Philosophie UK that you got the information from my blog, you automatically get a whopping 60% OFF the entire treatment. They’ll be launching the same promo through Deal Grocer this month but why wait? When you can get the same discount just by saying I found about this thru Kikaysikat. So instead of paying 4,550, now it’s only 1,780php!

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