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Cheap Destinations for a Quick City Break for the Weekend

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The city can get overwhelming sometimes, and I bet you are constantly checking the calendar for any possible city break weekends. Whether you are working, still studying or both – especially both – you need to take a break to recharge your batteries. Here, we have the perfect gateways without causing a dent in your bank account.

  • Valletta, Malta

The Maltese archipelago is mainly formed by three main inhabited Islands, Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Malta is considered the largest of the three, and it lies in The Mediterranean Sea between Italy and Tunisia.

Valletta is the capital of Malta and it is obviously the place to start. It might be small in size but definitely rich in culture that it was named the European Capital of Culture for 2018. Walking through Valletta is like walking through an-open air museum.

Getting there, staying in prices

You can find cheap flights to Malta from anywhere. The International Airport is located on Malta Island in Luqa just seven kilometers out of Valletta. The prices start from £30 depending on your location, the season, and deals but it’s still cheap!

Accommodations start from £315 for three nights, the price of one beer is £2, and an average cost of dinner for two is £40. You can find more information about flight, accommodation, and car rental prices on

  • Kos island, Greece  

Kos island is one of the most popular and populous islands of Dodecanese, the third biggest island in the region. Thanks to its large size, it manages to maintain different status in terms of tourist attractions and development.

There are numerous reasons that make Kos a great place to visit, like huge beautiful beaches, mesmerizing waters and weather, ancient towns with a wealth of historical value, and a glamorous nightlife.

It’s cheap as chips

Kos is considered an affordable getaway vacation starting from £71 to fly in, accommodation for two nights can cost £90.00 as it depends, and the average cost of dinner for two is £23.

  • Warsaw, Poland

Seeing how Poland managed to move on from what happened in the Second World War is truly inspiring. Warsaw, also known as the ‘Phoenix City’, managed to erase these memories from its history and our minds with its glaring skyscrapers, designer shops, amazing restaurants, and unique pubs and bars.

Warsaw is definitely worth the trip for its mesmerizing museums; The city’s Old Town, dating back to the 13th century, was rebuilt from scratch. The Holy Cross Church on the Royal Route has a small ornamental plaque that reads “Here rests the heart of Frederick Chopin”, and in the Royal Lazienki Park you can find a statue of Chopin that was replaced when the old one was destroyed. The great composer’s concerts are still held there throughout the summer.  

It’s dirt cheap

Your whole trip to Warsaw can cost around £180.53; Accommodation for two can start from £94.00, three-course meal and a bottle of wine can cost you around £20.

  • Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has something to offer everyone, and you can find a lot of walking tours to interesting places. Charles Bridge gives you a view of the Lesser Town and the Castle atop the hill on one side, and on the other you can see The Old Town. The park on Kampa Island can be a great escape from the buzzing city life.

Beer is cheaper than water

Your whole stay in Prague might be for £199.86; Accommodation for two staying for two nights can be around £93.00. And Prague is considered to be the cheapest place in Europe to get a drink, so, cheers to that!  

Take a break, pamper yourself

There are many destinations to choose from, but it all comes down to what matters to you the most. Do you care more about luxury or saving money, journey or destination, sightseeing or the beach? All we know is that from time to time, you need to treat yourself to a holiday away from the daily life stress and routine.

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