Christmas Gift Guide 2014 : Torque Mobile Phones

Press Release 🙂 They sent me a black Droidz Zap Phone in exchange for the press release. It is still in its box and I’m not sure where to use it yet since I already have an Xperia and a Samsung Phone. I unboxed and tried it but the screen is not as responsive as I expected it to be. *keeping it real* but it’s a decent phone for its price. It would be great as gifts to your kids who want to have a mobile phone already but you don’t want to buy them the Iphone6 or whatever

With its almost six years’ experience in
the industry, Torque developed different products from entry level to high-end
fashionable smartphones. Torque launches its new line-up of Affordable Android
Smart Phones: The DROIDZ Smart, DROIDZ Inspire, DROIDZ Trend, DROIDZ Easy and
DROIDZ Zap. Since us, Filipinos observe the start of Christmas season in early
September, the new line-up of DROIDZ phones is best for presents to your loved
ones. Capture sweet and memorable memories this Christmas with this new DROIDZ
series of phones!
Torque continues in innovating mobile
devices with powerful processors, stylish designs, long battery life, and high
grade specs at affordable prices, so look out for more!


Torque levels up
to dual-core processor with 3G as it releases DROIDZ Smart. It supports Dual
Cameras: 5 MP rear and 2MP front, 5 inch FWGA Touch Panel, Dual Sim, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
It runs on Android Jellybean 4.2 and it is upgradable to Android Kitkat 4.4. Smart
price at P2999 only! Available in Colors:  Aqua Blue, Posh Pink, Toffee Brown, Spark Black, Tile White.


Torque releases
DROIDZ Inspire bringing Android Jellybean 4.2 upgradable to Android Kitkat 4.4.
It sports dual cameras: 5 MP rear and 2 MP front camera. Supports Wi-Fi,
Bluetooth and 3G. Available in Colors: Hip Blue, Katy Pink, Mocha
Brown, Sleek Black, Glossy White. Be inspired with its features at affordable
price of P2499 only!


NOW TRENDING. Bringing up a dual-core processor, running on Android Jellybean 4.2 upgradable to Android Kitkat 4.4, 4 inch WVGA touch panel, dual cameras – 2 MP rear and 2 MP front camera. Also supports connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Available in Colors: Cool Blue, Posh Pink, Coffee, Smart Black, Piano White. 


DROIDZ Easy has
dual-core processor, each running at 1 GHZ. Its operating system runs on
Android Jellybean 4.2 and upgradable to Android Kitkat 4.4. It comes with Dual
Sim, Dual Cameras: 2 MP rear and 2 MP front camera, 3.5 inch HVGA touch panel, Wi-Fi
and Bluetooth. With these full-packed features, its price is at P2099
only!  Available in Colors:  Jazz Blue, Kitty
Pink, Kris Brown, Jack Black, and Pearly White.


offers a 1 GHZ single processor and a 3.5” display with HVGA resolution. Having
Dual Cameras – 2 MP rear and 2 MP front camera. It supports also Wi-Fi,
Bluetooth, 3.55 MM headset, and a 1,400mAh battery. In terms of software, DROID
ZAP runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread enhanced with Torque Zone app. Available in Fun Blue, Spice Pink, Choco Brown, Classy Black,
and Neat White! Yours at P1499 only!

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