Puera Rose Panic SOS Review – Breast Enhancing Supplement

UPDATE 4-17-2015: Mine shrunk back to normal tiny size after I stopped taking these. I’m trying Night Bomber G next…

I was a skeptical at first.

Hey guys! Remember how I blogged about hoarding a loot from Magic Potions Online? One of them is Puera Rose Panic SOS! It’s a breast supplement which promises to enlarge bust size in 1 pack and it won’t shrink back to its previous size even when you stop using it. I was like.. Whuuuut?

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A metaphor. A popped balloon.

After giving birth and being a breastfeeding advocate. I exclusively breastfed Geof for more than 1 year. After that, I didn’t expect my breasts to pop like a deflated baloon *sobs* My boobs went from 34B to 32A. Devastating. I event went into considering going under the knife for implants but a lot of reasons like

Top 3 Reasons Why I Didn’t Resort to Breast Augmentation

  • it’s too expensive
  •  t’s surgery
  • a lot of my loved ones are against it

I researched for a lot of breast enhancing supplements and decided to get Puera Rose Panic SOS. It doesn’t have that much reviews, but when I consulted with Moe from Magic Potion he assured me that this product really works and he’s willing to bet everything on it. Hmm.. Okay then!

I ordered 3 packs which is good for 3 months of use and I’ve been consistently using it for 2 months only and I’m so excited to share the wonderful news that it DOES WORK and it WORKS FAST. OMG I can’t believe I can use my “old” bras again (the 34B ones) and it’s filled with boobs and not air or monay or pandesal or socks LOL


This was taken last year with my friends during the launch of Waldorfs Manila

After 2 Packs of Puera Rose Panic SOS

This was taken last Saturday. Don’t mind the color, I was having the asian flush! I get dark red patches easily when I drink.
Yay for cleavage!

How to Take Puera Rose Panic SOS

1. Take it at the 1st day after your period until all finish all the tablets (14 tablets/pack)
2. Start on a new pack next month, again on the 1st day after your preiod

Besides the perks of having your bust size bigger (pun intended) having rose extract also helps you smell nice. Indeed. The tablets actually sorta tastes like rose/milk candy and I can take it without water. On regular use, when you sniff your skin, it gives the slightest bit of a rose fragrance which you’ll love!

I think I will get 6 more packs until I achieve my desired cup size of 34C/D.  You can buy them at


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