Alchemy Gastropub Makati

No, this is not the now-defunct Alchemy Bar in Ortigas. *age getting obvious now* rather the food/bar joint newly opened in the heart of Makati Avenue, Makati. A few bloggers were invited by Zing! Rewards for a special night of food tasting. Ah you know me I’m a sucker for food and I work nearby so I dropped by na din.

While waiting for the event to start I ordered (and paid for) my anti-boredom drink the Orange Sunrise Vanilla Something that costs around 155php but tastes divine. It’s similar to the Orange Sunrise at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf but creamier and with a cherry twist. No pictures sorry, I drank it all up in an instant I forgot to take a photo.

Alchemy’s ambiance is quite magical with hints of purple, gold, and the alcohol bottles looking like potions in their joint.

Cool they offer shisha.

It’s fairly new so the crowd hasn’t upped yet

I love taking stolen photos so I took a photo of my friend Hana ( her lovidubs who I forgot his name *sorry hanaaaa!*) and as Hana mentioned, Alchemy is like an oasis in the middle of the dessert because it’s a bar in the middle of a neighborhood.

They first served us with a chicken liver pate, the pate had a strong flavor of rosemarie and I was expecting the bread to be more crisp.

This has got to be my favorite among everything and I shouldve ate more when I had the chance. The oysters were fresh and sweet and the cheese melts in together making everything taste harmonious in your mouth. The chef/owner also gave us tabasco that enhanced every flavor! Yum!

Traydor. This is what we call drinks that taste good, with minute hints of alcohol but will spread its evil-effects in a few hours. Will make you drunk. I only took sips and it tastes so yummy! Perfect for the ladies.

As a pizza connoisseur, I must say the smoked salmon pizza is the most memorable. It’s baked traditional style, and is leaning towards the salty side. Perfect for beer. Alchemy serves a fusion french and american cuisine, with some greek and filipino on the side.

The other bloggers looked like they enjoyed the three dishes above but I wasn’t able to taste it because it had the deadly CILANTRO. I am allergic to cilantro and I hate hate hate hate it! It tastes like dishwashing soap and make every food taste like it came from hell.

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Here’s additional information courtesy of their press kit.

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