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CURE vs PureDerm Dual Well Being Pack


CURE Aqua Peeling Gel
Purederm Dual Wellbeing
I feel it really does remove dirt and skincells, skin looked clean afterwards
skin looked glowing and fresh after using
Not Applicable
It has a another mask, the fruit mask which I think made hubby’s skin glow
Very gentle!
it felt stingy when rubbed to hard
Love the pump bottle
It’s quite a hassle to buy a sachet after sachet but it’s hygenic
Fragrance Free
Not a fan of the mandarin orange fragrance, reminds me of taxi cabs and buses
Expensive! 1600php – 1800php per 250ml, and has to be used within 6 months
29.50 per sachet and one sachet can be used 2x

Verdict:  If CURE wasnt so expensive, this would be my winner. It was gentle, and it works. I love how my skin felt afterwards, it’s also fragrance free which is a plus plus! The residue it creates also is real, try it for yourselves if you have a sample. Apply it again for the second time around and you wouldnt get anymore residue since it exfoliates  just enough. As for purederm, I rub it anywhere and I get the white flakes. Skin looked drastically glowing after one usage though.




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