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Curious for Somewhere New? Look No Further Than Tuscany

When you think of Italy, normally you think of Rome, Venice or Milan, but those are just tiny portions of such an incredible country. Many seem to skip over visiting other parts of Tuscany and head straight to Florence when really, it’s one of the most beautiful regions in the world! Here, you can eat the best food of your life, visit incredible beaches, vineyard filled hills and marvel at the adorable medieval towns.



Livorno is a beautiful port city on the on the west coast of Tuscany known for its sea food and its warm hospitality. Livorno is very well connected, allowing you to access other cities in the region quickly and with ease! In fact, Livorno is home to the Coltano viaduct, a record holding bridge in Italy but not worldwide: despite being 9.6 kilometers long, it didn’t make it in the list of longest bridges in the world, that mostly includes Chinese and U.S. bridges. Livorno is definitely worth a visit, especially for its beautiful beach areas, that are rocky and gorgeous houses are built on the cliffs making it a scenic view for tourists.



Lucca is a city on the Serchio river in the Tuscan region. Visiting Lucca will guarantee you a deep dive into the history of the city and the well-preserved Renaissance walls and its cobblestone streets. Lucca is a wonderful place to visit for music enthusiasts because it was the home of great musical composers such as Luigi Boccherini and Giacomo Puccini.


Isola d’Elba

Elba is an island in the Mediterranean Sea in Tuscany and it is known for its beautiful beaches and as Napoleon’s place of exile. The historic relevance of the island gives it an appeal for tourists to make a visit to the island, not just for its incredible seasides. The Romans called the it Ilva and mined iron ore and made it a stronghold for their navy. 


Val d’Orcia

The picturesque town in the region of Tuscany is a beautiful town encompassed by the Orcia river. The lush green cultivated hills offer a wonderful view to many who visit the town. It is a world heritage site and the origin of one of the most prestigious wines in Italy. The landscape has also offered many filmmakers views that will keep movie enthusiasts glued to their screens.



Montepulciano is a hilltop town in Tuscany surrounded by vineyards. The town is well known for the production of the vino nobile red wine. The town is a one stop shop for food and drinks and for tourists who want to excite their taste buds; this is the place to visit. The town is known for its pork, cheese, pasta and honey.

Tuscany may not be a prime location for many travelers but once you get a taste of these smaller, less visited towns you may never get enough of it. The towns are easily accessible and all you need to do is rent a car and drive around the city as you enjoy the views Tuscany has to offer.

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