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Daylong Sunscreen – Sun Protection at It’s Finest

Sunblocks, sunblocks sunblocks. I keep on insisting my avid readers who are into skin lightening to use a sunblock EVERYDAY. Any form of skin whitening would fail if their skin are just exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The primary reason they don’t put their sun protection? Stickiness. Most sunblocks in the market are very sticky and icky. The higher the SPF, the sticker it is. That’s what I learned from Daylong Sunblock’s Launch. I was invited to the launch of Daylong Sunblock, from the makers of Cetaphil as they introduce us one of the best sun protection we can use, using the latest technologies.

All of them have high SPF 50PA++ which  means it offers the best coverage from UVA to UVB. The number really isn’t that significant except to indicate how many minutes you are protected from the sun.




Using Daylong has now been part of my daily skincare routine and has become a favorite since Belo Sunscreen. What I like about Daylong Sunscreen is that compared to other sunblocks it does not leave any white cast at all in photos! This would be on my 2015 list, definitely.
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