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First Time Diamond Peel at The Zen Institute

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by The Zen Institute to experience their Diamond Peel. It was the first time that I will try this kind of facial service as the only facial I experienced in my life was a facial (not even regular haha)

The Zen Institute specializes in non-invasive treatments to help you achieve younger looking skin. I feel like I don’t need those kinds of treatments yet. Maybe in 10 years? Gosh otne of the things I fear the most is that my skin to lose it’s elasticity and youth. So far, having a good skincare regimen, proper sun protection, and supplements are helping aid my goal in preventing early signs of skin aging.

The attendant let me wear this very hygenic hair cover, and it was very comfortable. She cleansed my face with a cream cleanser, toned it and gave a few minutes of a really good face massage.



Verdict? It was one of the most enjoyable facial treatments I had. My skin felt so smooth, supple and fresh after. The attendant was kind enough to show me all the sloughed off skin cell that the diamond peel has removed and it was a lot. I was told not to wash my face overnight because the treatment already cleaned my face already.

How does a diamond peel feel? Well, it’s not painful. It felt like there was a vibrating round toothbrush swirling around your skin in tiny circles. I would definitely come back to The Zen Institute!


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