Devant’s 20th Anniversary Gift to Entertainment Lovers: The 50″ Smart Quantum 4K TV 50QUHW01

This year marks an exciting milestone in the journey of Devant, a beloved brand that has been the cornerstone of many Filipino homes. Celebrating 20 years of creating memorable TV Babad moments, Devant introduces its latest marvel – the 50″ Smart Quantum 4K TV 50QUHW01.

As Devant hits the two-decade mark, they pay tribute to their journey by delivering a product that effortlessly bridges the gap between cinematic and gaming experiences. This celebration of innovation showcases Devant’s commitment to pushing boundaries in home entertainment.

The 50″ Smart Quantum 4K TV 50QUHW01, powered by webOS, takes a step forward with its state-of-the-art technology. The 4K Ultra High Definition resolution paints every pixel in exceptional detail, creating a breathtaking visual canvas that will keep viewers hooked.

But it’s not just the stunning resolution that makes this model stand out. The combination of Wide Color Gamut and Quantum Dot Technology brings forward a palette of rich, accurate colors that breathes life into every scene. The resulting lifelike hues and striking details make for an unparalleled viewing experience.

Yet, the Quantum 4K TV isn’t just about watching; it’s about playing too. With the innovative ALLM and Gaming Dashboard, gamers can experience smoother gameplay with less input lag and instant response. The TV intelligently adapts to optimize your gaming experience, making it the perfect partner for epic gaming nights.

The seamless integration of Dolby Audio guarantees an immersive auditory experience to match the visual spectacle. Whether you’re in the middle of an action-packed game or engrossed in a thrilling movie, the clear, detailed sound will make you feel like you’re in the heart of the action.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. The 50″ Smart Quantum 4K TV 50QUHW01 also brings home the convenience of ThinQ Voice Command, aided by the included magic remote. With the magic remote, you’ll enjoy the comfort of air gestures using the Air Mouse feature, simple content scrolling with the click wheel, and customized quick access to your favorite installed apps at the touch of a number button. Now, managing your TV is as easy as speaking to it or a flick of your wrist – whether you’re searching for a show, adjusting the volume, or swiftly launching an app, just press the mic button on your remote or use your predefined shortcuts and let the TV do the rest.

Moreover, this model is designed for seamless connectivity, integrating both Apple AirPlay & HomeKit and Android’s Screen Share feature. Now, you can effortlessly cast your favorite content, whether from your iOS or Android devices, onto the grandeur of the big screen. Sharing family photos and videos or your favorite shows and movies has never been this convenient and enjoyable, ensuring that everyone gets in on the fun with the 50″ Smart Quantum 4K TV 50QUHW01.

Elevating your home entertainment to an exciting new level, the 50″ Smart Quantum 4K TV 50QUHW01 is compatible with a wide array of apps. You can enjoy endless streaming options, from YouTube, Netflix, VIU, HBO Go, Disney+, TikTok, Lionsgate Play, Apple TV+, Prime Video, Spotify, WeTV, iflix, iWantTFC, iQIYI, to Bilibili. This diverse selection caters to every taste and interest, transforming the TV into a comprehensive hub that meets the varied entertainment preferences of every family member. With the 50″ Smart Quantum 4K TV 50QUHW01, the entertainment possibilities are virtually limitless.

On their 20th anniversary, Devant proudly continues their legacy of innovation and quality. Their 50″ Smart Quantum 4K TV 50QUHW01 promises an elevated, immersive entertainment experience that goes beyond what you’d expect.

Join Devant as they celebrate their 20th anniversary and step into the future of home entertainment with the new 50″ Smart Quantum 4K TV 50QUHW01 powered by webOS Hub. Here’s to more years of innovation and memorable TV Babad moments with Devant!

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About Devant

Devant is a leading provider of high-quality TVs in the Philippines. Since 2003, Devant has been committed to offering innovative and affordable home entertainment solutions that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of Filipino families. With a wide range of TVs, from standard definition to the latest 4K and Smart TVs, Devant has something for everyone.


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