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BDJ July 2014 Unboxing and Real Opinions on the Products Inside

Not all reviews are created equal, and it doesn’t mean that if one is given an item for free, one is in debt to write rave reviews all the time. Here I am unboxing the latest BDJ box I received for July 2014, the Pure and Simple box. Unfortunately my son got a hold of the stickers included and gave it away to his classmates that’s why there’s no photos anymore 😛

BDJ’s box this July includes items for your skin, and 1 makeup product, the eyeshadow palette. Comparing to previous month’s box this one is bigger and heavier. My grandparents were even surprised with this change. I was expecting a really nice surprise.



The box contains a lot of full sized products and it really has more value than it’s actual worth but although these are full sized items, only few of them caught my attention. I’m looking forward to the next box instead. This is just my opinion of course. Everybody has different preferences. Here’s what’s inside:



Celeteque Acne Solutions Back Spray – I don’t have any back acne so this won’t be of use. I would most likely give it away.



Hygienix Hand Spray and Hand Sanitizer –  I’m not fond of using alcohol or sanitizers because I’m a believer of being exposed to bacteria and virus helps build our immunity naturally. These items are still nice to have for cases where there’s food spills, or accidents that you need something to clean your hands quick.



Real Sugar Tropical Sunset Spray – This smells really nice, like you came out of the shower. It’s BIG, a full sized 250ml. Since I prefer using perfumes such as my favorite Narcisso Rodriguez EDP and EDT, I gave this as a gift to my loved one’s sister. She loves it!


Nivea ITEMS! – In-shower conditioner (sample size), Exfoliating Wipes, Invisible Deo
These are my favorite in the box since they will give the most mileage. The exfoliating wipes are nice to have in my office drawer for days I don’t have time to wash my face to remove makeup when there’s an event after work. These will do a nice job in cleansing and prepping before application.

The invisible deodorant is a good spray to avoid stains especially when you’re wearing white.



Vitress Serums – Who doesn’t love hair serums? I used this before back in college and it adds a nice dose of shine to your tresses when needed.



Getting an additional additonal shampoo as an alternative is a delight. A tip I can give you readers is that you shouldn’t stick to a particular brand for very long such as shampoo or skincare because we can get used to its effects. Switch to a different brand for a short while and then return to your favorite after. I’m looking forward to trying this Keratin Shampoo



After Midnight Eyeshadow – It’s a nice smokey palette compact, I’m not familiar with the Enchanted brand but when I swatched these on my hands I can barely see the pigment 🙁

That’s it pansit! Receiving boxes is a treat! Gifts are always nice to have. I would most likely subscribe to BDJ’s box subscription again even if I’m not fond of July’s box because for it’s worth, you always get it’s value.

I tried several beauty box subscription already and I must say BDJ gives out the best products consistently! So I’m looking forward to their box next month and hopefully I’d find more items I could use and keep <3


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