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Developing a more sophisticated sense of style – fashion advice

Whether you have always been passionate about fashion, or you have only recently started to direct your attention towards creating trendier looks, when you decide to make a change in your sense of style, and develop a more sophisticated approach, receiving a few guidelines will be necessary. Dressing in a classy manner isn’t a complicated as you might tend to believe, but there are some clear fashion rules you need to be aware of.

After concluding that it’s time to be more attentive of how you look when you walk out the door, you should refresh your wardrobe, and start focusing on the following aspects – a boost in sophistication will thus be obtained:

Quality comes first

Let’s start with an aspect that should always be on your mind when you are on the point of buying something.

With so many new trends emerging, you might be tempted to constantly add new elements to your wardrobe, which isn’t a bad thing, as long as you can afford it. However, when your shopping budget is limited, you shouldn’t purchase cheap outfits, just because their design might appeal to you. Quality should always come before quantity. It’s better to have a wardrobe that consists of fewer pieces but of visible quality, than to have a lot of clothes but none of them exactly made out of qualitative materials.

Regardless if you are shopping online or from physical stores, careful look into each element’s quality before deciding to buy it and wear it. The quality of a clothing piece can be visible from afar, and for sophisticated looks, you can’t make any compromises in this department. This is why, buying a designer item should be seen as an investment in yourself and your style. High quality clothes will also last in impeccable condition longer, which means paying a bit more from the start will be worth it.


Add some timeless items to your closet – classic pieces never go out of style

Sophistication is often linked to simplicity, and there are timeless fashion elements that remain an aesthetically appealing choice regardless of current fashion trends. When you have the right classic piece in your closet, putting together a sophisticated ensemble that suits specific occasions will be much easier. A little black dress, a high quality overcoat and a designer handbag are three good examples here.

These items can be worn regularly, and it will be easy for you to compose a classy look when you have them at your disposal. When it comes to sophisticated styles, your most expensive purchases should be the ones involving classic items – considering how much you will be able to wear them, splurging will certainly make sense.

Proper fitting matters!

So you are wearing a designer outfit from head to toe, your accessories are chosen accordingly, and even your hair and makeup are on point, but when looking in the mirrors, something doesn’t feel right, what could be the problem? Fitting is something that not everyone pays attention to, and even the most expensive, and sophisticated dress, for example, will look aesthetically unappealing, if it doesn’t fit you right. One of the most important fashion rules when you are trying to upgrade your style to classier characteristics to make sure you are wearing the right size.

When you are out shopping, or buying clothes online, you should already know your body shape and what items suit you. Certain designs might be unfaltering for you personally. However, if finding an appropriate size seems to be a constant problem, you should consider resorting to the services of a tailor. Tailoring your outfit to fit you to perfection will certainly contribute to how sophisticated your looks actually are. If it fits you right, an otherwise dull attire can actually look good.


Don’t go over the top with color combinations

While today’s fashion trends allow you to play around with all sorts of colors and patterns, for a fashion look that falls into the “classy” category, you shouldn’t go over the top with prints and shades. Monochromatic ensembles will always look more sophisticated, but if you love mixing and matching different color tones, you should limit your choices to three shades only. This way, it will be more difficult to make any mistakes and you will manage keeping your attire chic and visually appealing.

Footwear choices need to be on point

Your shoes are just as important as the clothes you wear, if not a bit more. Your entire ensemble will look far from what you pictured if you don’t make the right choices in terms of footwear. Wearing a sophisticated outfit doesn’t necessarily have to mean you have to put on high heels, flats can be equally classy and chic if they are chosen correctly.

Learn how to accessorize

An outfit without the right accessories will not feel complete, so you should start being more careful to the finishing touches added to your looks. Whether it’s a hat, a belt, jewelry or handbags, you should never skip on accessories, these playing an important role in your finished look. You don’t need to be a fashion expert to correctly accessorize an outfit, you just need to follow your aesthetical instinct and perhaps read a few articles and guidelines on the subject. A rather dull outfit can instantly be transformed in one that stands out if you just insert some glamorous accessories here and there.

Your fashion choices should be directly linked to your personality and to the image you want to portray in front of those you come in contact with. If you are currently interested in upgrading your style and wish to opt for more sophisticated outfits, receiving a few pointers on the subject might help you out. Giving your looks this type of characteristic isn’t as difficult as you might have thought, you just need to pay attention to a few relevant factors. Take into account these suggestions, and you will notice a major improvement n sense of fashion.







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