Dimples Romana finds the perfect diaper for her son Elio!

When moms achieve a milestone for their babies, it becomes a shining moment that’s remembered and even celebrated by fellow moms. It could be as simple as finding a hack for getting the baby to happily eat a nutritious snack, developing a trick to make the little one less fussy during bath time, or finding the perfect diaper that’s affordable but makes a huge improvement in baby’s protection and comfort. When a mom discovers any of these baby care hacks, fellow moms are quick to cheer her on with the words, “Ikaw na!” 

This is the same expression of support that award-winning actress and in-demand host, Dimples Romana wants to share with fellow moms of toddlers. As a mom of three, whose youngest Elio is still a toddler, Dimples wants only the best for her kids so that they can have the freedom to move and be themselves.

Recently, Dimples and Elio were chosen as brand ambassadors of JS Unitrade for their number one brand, EQ Pants, one of the most trusted diaper brands in the country. Dimples and her son Elio are center in the new TV commercial (TVC) for EQ Pants, which is now airing on primetime TV. 

“This is a beautiful milestone for me and my family because this is Elio’s first brand family,” Dimples exclaimed during her recent launch as the new endorser during the JS Unitrade Merchandise Inc., National Conference 2024. 

“Whatever brand family we represent, that means we share the same values. So as soon as we found out about EQ Pants and the way they produce quality diapers while making them affordable and approachable for the Filipino family, of course I had to say yes.”

In the new EQ Pants TVC, Dimples and moms discuss EQ Pants’ features, emphasizing its new Bubble Top Sheet that reduces contact with the baby’s skin, helping prevent rashes. They highlight EQ Pants for its economy and quality, with Dimples showcasing her baby in the product. The commercial concludes with Dimples inviting viewers to choose EQ with the tagline, “Ikaw na!” or more fittingly, “EQaw na!” Check out the new EQ Pants TVC here   and here

Like Dimples, moms can also have peace of mind with EQ Pants which delivers the best diaper quality. Aside from the new feature, the Bubble Top Sheet, EQ Pants also feature a Soft Cottony Cover with front to back Snug Fit to ensure a comfortable fit on the move, while its Super Absorbent Core keeps baby dry by drawing away urine.  

Thanks to these mommy-and-baby-friendly features, Dimples has more time to do other important tasks. She shared, “The best thing about the EQ Pants is that Elio doesn’t have to change his diaper often, which gives me a lot of time for more important things like bonding with my family.”

With Dimples and her fellow moms in mind, Michelle Acuña, JS Unitrade Marketing Director said, “We understand the struggles and worries of moms when it comes to the comfort and protection of their babies or toddlers. EQ Pants is carefully designed with that in mind so mom and baby can feel at ease knowing that their baby can happily move around without worries of rashes or leakage for long hours.” 

Experience your own “EQaw na!” moment with the EQ Pants readily available in retail stores nationwide and online platforms so that moms can have convenient access for them to purchase whenever needed.

Watch EQ’s newest TV commercial featuring Dimples Romana and her adorable son Elio on   and here

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