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5 Delightful Ways To Cozy Up Your Tiny Studio

When it comes to beautifying your studio, there are many styles that you need to choose from. It all narrows down to your tastes and what suits your budget. Rugs offer a more natural way to change your room with different colors ranging from neutral to bright colors. In this article, you’re going to learn how to beautify your studio room with a rug that set a beautiful tone and color for a vibrant studio.

Persian Inspired Rugs

Persian inspired Bohemian Rugs have the most popular style among traditional rugs that contain varying shades like orange, gold, white, brown, black, red, blue and green, they have an attractive decorative border that has center designed in a medallion-like or subdued repetitive pattern. Wool is dyed with plants and mineral thus explaining their traditional tone before they are painstakingly handwoven. There is the unexpected result with vivid color that enables them to have a modern feel. Machine fabrication, synthetic fibers and affordable dye option in traditional skin with neutral colors finish the look.

Vintage Bohemian Rug

When you talk about vintage rugs, what comes in mind is an intentionally faded look with maybe a bold pattern and aged appearance. There are close relations between Vantage Style Rug and the Persian Style Rugs. They also offer additional rugs in one color appearance of either blue, pink or orange, with the addition of neutral grey or beige on the background that enable you to see through worn out areas. They look more casual because those rugs are of a soft aged appearance. Vintage Bohemian rugs have an heirloom that makes them high-quality and looks that are covered with vintage lovers. With these kinds of rugs, be sure that your room is going to look prettier and modern.

Beni Ourain Rugs

This is one of our boho rugs and is identified with a creamy base color as well as the common gray-black pattern. For comfort purposes, they are made of plush shag and can suite in any room because of their monochromatic color palette. Their typical style can be altered by reversing the color with a dark background and light colored pattern. In recent years, they are considered as a trend and have stayed in power with their great look. They consist of many styles and sizes, and you should select one that is the best suits your desired style.

Southwest Style Rugs

They consist of bright pastels that copy a desert landscape with different colors. They are geometrically designed with a stair-step style that gives them a modern look. They attract Native American and Spanish textile. They assured you of a relaxed and comfortable feel in your room.

Bold Boho Rugs

They happen to come from softer subtler Bohemian Rugs. They have a beautiful pattern and attractive prints and perfect for someone who needs a change of the norms. They naturally brighten the neutral room and can do well to a child’s room with its beautiful and cheerful color.

Your studio room indeed needs some style, beauty and modern look. You can only achieve this if you get the best rugs to finish the looks. If you try any of these rugs, you are no doubt going to like the outcome. So, choose one that suits your style and give your room an elegant look.

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