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[DREAMS] A Giant Ship Party


This is another one of my interpret-your-dream series.  I keep track on some of them in this blog because dreams, somehow are a reflection of our reality and subconscious.

I’m a powerful lucid dreamer, I tend to have very vivid dreams and can frequently remember each detail, color, scent, taste, place, time. There are times that I am able to control my dream, I have also experienced dreaming through several stages ala inception. I want to share with you guys, and also as a part dream-journal to myself, my strange dreams (what dreams are normal anyway? haha)

Who knows? Maybe you also got a similar dream like what I had and you can use the information as a reference.

This is my dream according to my memory. Today is the 2nd time I had a similar dream of an amphibious ship and a party.Wondering what the reason I dreamed of this again since this was dreamed 2 years ago.  I dreamed about being in a large cruise ship that can sail from land to sea. It was one of those amphibious vehicles. I was looking for something to wear for the party, particularly something with an animal print. The captain of the ship was also announcing an escape artist named Alex was supposed to perform and escape the ship. Realizing we were actually imprisoned because there was an escape artist, I panicked and wanted to find a way out. The ship finally stopped over along Ayala and halted in front of Ascott Hotel.
*I woke up*


How about you? Do you remember your dreams? Do you write them down?



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