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[FOOD] The French Baker Review

Tender and flavorful Smoked Hickory Ribs
Has anyone of you tried eating at French Baker yet? This is this small bakery-slash-cafe that serves really delicious food that is well worth its price. I’ve been frequenting this place lately because it never fails to satisfy my palette. But whenever I visit their cafe, not so much people are around. They have great food and service so I wonder why it rarely gets any attention.



I tried their sandwiches, appetizers, and main courses. My favorites are their porkchops and ribs.  The porkchop is flavorful and not your typical grilled or pan-fried porkchop. They infused theirs with herbs and the most noticeable is rosemary and thyme. It’s cooked well. Tender and juicy.


I ordered porkchop and hickory ribs which costs around 200php per serving. It comes with their soup of the day. Their hickory ribs are well seasoned. Sweet and smokey. Just the way everyone likes their ribs, however I did notice that what they offer is more of the liempo cut (pork belly). It is soft, well cooked, and each bite is bursting with flavor.

I want you to know that while I’m writing this, I’m already craving to eat there again. It’s definitely more than just a bakery. They are also quite consistent. I’ve been to 4 branches already (SM Manila, Sta. Lucia, Glorieta, SM Megamall) and how they cook and serve their dishes has the same quality.


The only thing I do not like about their food is how they cook their rice. For me it is too soft and mushy.



Cap off your meal with any of their drinks. They serve mint lemonade, four seasons, and home brewed iced tea. My absolute fave is their four seasons, too bad it wasn’t available during my last visit so I got the iced tea instead. They serve it in a glass pitcher, together with 2 tiny straws. The way you drink the tea really makes a whole lot of difference. It seemed to give more pleasure in every sip compared to gulping it directly from the glass. (Shhh… I brought home the tiny straws since they’re so cute!)

If ever you’re hungry and want to try something new, you can try eating at French Baker.

This is not a paid advertisement or review. I just really happen to like eating at French Baker 😀

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