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March 2016 Give-Away: Beauty Essentials

It’s time for our monthly give-away. Hay naku, if only I had multiple arms and a multi-millionaire I’d love to give you guys gifts as in each and every one of you! I’ve been drowning in my own blog backlogs and have hundreds of ideas in my head. I love posting original content. It’s one of my mission and vision that 90% of my posts will be original and organic. I have PR friends and also jobs from my talent agency so they go to the remaining 10%. I’m sure you’re sick of reading the same posts over and over and over and over everywhere no? Umay…
If only I can clone myself so I can assign different tasks. I am my own boss, and ever since I quit my job, it seems that she’s the toughest boss I ever had. Her instructions won’t get out of my head. Sometimes, it’s fun to relax, chill, and stop thinking. But my mind won’t stop. *sigh*
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Click here to view the winner for February 2016: KikaysiKat February Give-Away



Mechanics are pretty simple. Since I’m “lazy” or a proper term may be “efficient” just follow the rafflecopter¬†instructions below you and there ya go! Good news? This is now open for INTERNATIONAL READERS too.

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