Earth’s Clara Ole Potluck [event]

A few weeks ago (sorry Earth! #latepost), my good friend Earth from invited me to her potluck event located at California Gardens at Mandaluyong.Of course malakas si Earth sakin so I happily came ^_^
Initially, I only knew Clara Ole for their pasta sauces. I didn’t know they also had salad dips and dressings, and even sweet blueberry syrup!
Of course food shots! Every dish here was made with Clara Ole Products like this Tuna Potato Salad
The Summer Tomato Penne using the 3-cheese sauce (this dish was prepared by Earth)

The orange chicken wing thingie
I thought it was baked by Earth
but she “cheated” and bought ready-made ones then injected them with Clara Ole Blueberry Syrup *hint hint you can cheat too* HAHAHA
Kayceee…. tama na cellphone…. 

Other things that happened were a live cooking tutorial by a Chef, and a quick photography lesson by an expert. I was too busy eating the cupcakes and the food that I was distracted from listening. *bad kaycee! bad!*
photo credits:
Last but not the least was a quick Q&A “speed dating” for the guests. It was more of a friendly getting to know you thing than something more. It was fun to meet new people and see familiar faces too. Hi Romina! Hi Noelle! Thanks Earth and Clara Ole! I had a blast!

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