By Request: My Daily Skincare Regimen

I feel wittier when I write randomly

I’ll keep it simple. This is one of my most requested posts from you my readers and I owe it to you big time. In here you’ll know what products I regularly use, its varieties and how I switch things up depending on the weather or my mood. Morning and night. Enjoy!!!

Before anything else, I’d like to share that I have a normal/combination skin. I get pimples every month. During that time of the month LOL and always on the same spot every time. (chin, cheeks, forehead). I’m not including product photos because I don’t want any bias. I’m not trying to sell anything hereso you can actually use skincare that are hiyang for your skintype.

Daytime / Morning Skincare Routine

I’m always in a rush. I guess maybe you are too, so my mornings are pretty quick and the “routine” is pretty basic.
  • Facial Wash / Soap
    • Any of the whitening soaps I use daily. I’m so lazy that I don’t use a separate facial wash for my face in the morning, besides, I cleansed it deeply during nighttime. Whatever I use for my body, I also use for my face. Some might say oh you should use something different, our faces are more sensitive. Well mine isn’t and I don’t suck in the silly marketing ploy to use so much products. So bath soap is enough. 
  • Toner – NONE
  • Moisturizer – NONE
  • Sunblock  – The most important part of my routine and yours too. Always use a good sunblock and re-apply at least 2-3x a day to ensure your skin is protected from the UVA and UVB. This will cause not only skin darkening but also premature aging. This also serves as my moisturizer na din.
    • Current sunblocks I’m rotating: Belo Sunblocks, Mentholatum Sunplay, Biore Sunblocks. Although my favorite has to be the Belo Spray Type simply because it’s economical.

Nighttime Skincare Routine

This is where things get more complicated. I find that nighttime is me time. It’s also the best time to rejuvanate our tired skin from all the stress and toxins it acquired throughout the day so it needs more care and pampering.
  • Facial Wash / Soap
    • We need something that cleans deeper, better. This is the time when I use those special facial wash that deeply cleans. Find a facial wash that suits your skin and stick to it (or 2)
      • Current cleansers I’m rotating: Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel, Shiseido Perfect Whip Foam. Sometimes I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub if I want it scrubby.
  • Toner
    • None.
  • Exfoliant (Weekly)
    • Daily cleansing is not enough especially when you reach my age (25) where our skin doesn’t shed enough of the dead that leaves us with dullness. A good exfoliant is a must. You can opt to use physical exfoliants like a good scrub or a chemical one like Maxi-peel
  • Oil
    • As moisturizer, I prefer using pure oils or a mixture of oils. I find that this has less fillers than popular moisturizers that have a lot of other stuff and chemicals in their ingredients list that I don’t understand anymore. Don’t be afraid of using oil on your skin. It’s night time, you need to feed your skin. Did you know that the cause of  oily skin is actually dehydration?
      • Oils I use: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Argain Oil, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate (too expensive, I might go back to Argan when I run out)

Skincare Regimen When I Get Pimples…

  • Facial Wash / Soap
    • Something more gentle.. like baby soap. Any baby soap will do
  • Toner
    • none
  • Anti-acne Cream
  • Sunblock
    • Belo Sunblock

Skin Supplements

I take them when I remember. Usually before lunch.
  • Collagen – for my anti aging obsession
  • Glutathione – to keep my skin fair
  • Vitamin C – antioxidant, and does the 2 things above. I take the generic Rhea vitamin C or when I have extra bucks I get Fern-C
There you go! The brands/products may change but the ‘routine’ stays the same. 


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