Tales from the Toilet

Note: This story is TMI. I warned you! The title already says it all! Move back and read another blog post like this month’s June Sales of 2015 

In our office, actually, in every company I’ve worked with. In every comfort room, there’s a special place where everyone poops. It’s hidden far in the depth of the shadows. Where no one can hear, or smell what you’re doing. It’s a roomy place. Sometimes with a bonus bidet, or a dipper to wash away grime and guilt. In our office, it even has a bonus room deodorizer to mask of the filth.

and I ask you. Do you have a place like this too?

This morning, while I’m filling in the dipper with some water. Because you-know-what-I’m-gonna-do. The assigned clean master asked me

“Ate sa dulo po kayo?” (Are you going to go inside the farthest cubicle?)

I answered “Yes” (with shame, she knew what I was going to do)

“Aalisin ko lang po yung basura” (I’ll just take out the trash..)

There was nothing I can do. She already knew what was going to happen. She’s preparing the room for its utmost purpose. Ugh the shame.




Yes. Ang OA ko lang choosing Cersei as a photo example of what I’m feeling.

Has anything similar happened to you? Do you have any embarassing tales from the toilet? Feel free to comment and use the ANONYMOUS. So yeah this silly story was written while……SHAAAAAME! Hahaha!


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