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Easiest Way to Print Photobooks Online in Manila | A StorybookPH Review

StorybookPH Photobook

Mama and Baba Adventures. This is what Geof and I call our food trips, travels, and experiences. During the trip we try to enjoy each moment as possible and just let other people take our photos as keepsakes haha! Then, after each trip I upload the photos in an album on Facebook.  Relate?

But seeing them in digital only do so much. It’s still different to own a real photo album where you get your pictures printed and developed (i don’t think this term is used anymore haha)

Stores that offer these photo printing services are either scarce or expensive. That’s why I’m so happy to discover that StorybookPH allows you to print your photos on quality paper and have it book binded in an album! Today we’ll be reviewing their service and if the end-quality of the photo album is of good quality.

How to Make Your Own Photobook via StoryBookPh?

Easy! Simply create an account at

Select your album type. I chose their Classic Landscape.

And you’ll be directed to their custom layout page where you have the freedom to place and organize your photos. They have a different themes and format to choose from. But I’m a lazy lady so I just uploaded all my photos and chose “Sort by hue”

A classic 11 inch landscape with 40 pages would cost you 995 pesos. Shipping is 150php nationwide and you can pay online via paypal, credit card, or bank deposit.

I received my album after 10 days! Geof and I were so pleased with the results! The photos were crisp, the album was hardbound,and guess what? The photoalbum is semi-splash proof! I accidentaly spilled a glass of water on my album and it’s still a-ok!

Now we can take a look at our precious memories even without connecting via internet. #RealTalk iba pa din talaga when you get to see and touch your photos in real life vs online! I’ll be collecting more of our adventures soon and looking forward to more photobooks from StoryBook Philippines!


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