Lee Cooper London now in the Philippines (Market! Market!)

I promise my experiences and stories won’t be a snoozefest! Last week I was happy when Lee Cooper Philippines invited me to their newly opened store at Market! Market! Taguig. But before the photos and story let me share you something. They say when it’s the berrr burrr months and when Christmas season is near, more people actually get depressed and gloomy than happy. Some scientists contributes it to the chilly weather and it affects how we feel. They even call it S.A.D. or Seasonal Affective Disorder. I hope S.A.D. doesn’t affect you? and if it does. Try the natural way to boost our mood. Exercise! ^_^ If you follow me on instagram(@kikaysikat) I’ve been posting a lot of my exercise videos and workout program that I’ve started doing. Remember, the best way to start anything is NOW. Let’s go be fit together . I’ll create a new post regarding this soon once I finished my blog backlogs. Anywho, let’s go! 
Lee Cooper London, a Briitish denim brand opened its doors in the Philippines last September 23 2014 at Market! Market! Taguig. It’s located at the new section of the mall. In part with their latest collection the British Indigo which features dark and rugged denim. I LOVE denim and jeans. It is one fashion staple that will not run out of style and timeless. Heck, I have 2 jeans that I got when I was first year of highschool and I still wear it sometimes! Hahaha! I’m glad there’s another denim label to watch out for.

Lee Cooper Grand Opening (Market! Market!) Photos

L-R Lee Cooper Executives  and Staff 
With Ms. Jo Anna Bartosiewicz, Lee Cooper Brand Ambassador and 
Ms. Eva Patalinhug – 2014 Mutya ng Pilipinas – Asia Pacific International

Ms. Vivian Caparas – Lee Cooper Philippines, Marketing Manager
Ms. Vernie Ensiso – Blogger
Mr. Bernie Reyes – Lee Cooper Philippines, Brand Manager 
Ms. Faye Marie Arellano – AQAdvertising, Inc., Accounts Director
I was not able to join these lovely folks during that day but Lee Cooper was so kind to personally invite me to their store to check out their clothes! I checked out their denim and it’s of high quality but isn’t so pricey so this is perfect for teens and students alike. Trust me, I know my denim. I got 2 denim shorts from them! I’m supposed to get a pair of jeans too pero I have more than 1 dozen denim jeans that I have to skip muna.
They have a very fine selection of classic t-shirts and polos for men.

I found this really cool leather jacket for John that costs 2,999php then I changed my mind! Haha! I was trying to scrimp that day and decided to get him a t-shirt instead. I’m so kuripot like that.

Me: Oops ate I havce to return the jacket. I’ll come back to get it for John soon! Comment if you see my new tats!

The 90’s fashion is so trendy these days I felt old. 90’s is retro now? OMG I wear 90’s clothes all the time! It’s cool again!

Score! Outfit #1 

Plaid Polo Shirt (1,299php)
Distressed Denim Shorts (It’s on sale for 399php!)
I finally found shorts that sits nicely on my hips and hugs my curves the right way. Most are either too loose or too tight. I have a small waist + big hips + big butt I won’t deny it. I lift! I squat! Anyway just like 90’s fashion, big booties are IN.

Score! Outfit #2

Black Short Shorts (On Sale for 399php!)
White shirt with an artsy splattered paint design with my favorite colors pink blue yellow and purple (699php)

Heading of straight to the SM Beauty Face Search launch. This will also be my next feature. I went there wearing this as I want to come in simple and effortless. The shirt matches my new back tattoo too! I loved my shopping experience at Lee Cooper and would definitely come back (For John’s leather jacket? *peace*)

Special thanks to the friendly and pleasant staff of Lee Cooper!
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