My Tasktics Experience

What is Tasktics?

According to their website…

Tasktics is a platform that provides opportunities for people to make the most out of their time and skills. We believe that by connecting people and have them trade their time (or lack of it), we are not just helping in ticking-off to-do lists or temporarily filling in jobs. We believe that time well spent lifts spirits, inspires individuals and makes for a more productive, happier society.Consider Tasktics as a marketplace where people can find other awesome people to help them with activities they could not find time to do. It can be as mundane as paying an overdue electricity bill to organizing your kid’s birthday party to having a web designer help you with your start-up website. Whatever it is, there are Super Pins with the right skill set eager to help out errands big and small.

In my opinion, Tasktics is your on-line, personal assistant finder version of the popular, only this time, they screen your potential “Super Pins” or helpers to ensure quality and safety!

How to Use Tasktics?

Our family was in need of someone who can clean the house for us. We don’t prefer having live-in helpers or maids because of our past experiences with them, breaking our trust. Either thru theft, or even pinching my Geof! (que horror!) That’s why when I discovered something like this is already being provided in the Philippines, I just had to try it for myself.
You have the option to choose how much you’re willing to pay for a specific service. For me, for half-day house cleaning, I opted to pay 1,500php. Do you think it’s ok? Our house has 4 floors, around 100 SQM
1Post a task

The Super Pins community will be notified of the new task posted and the details, including the maximum amount of money you are willing to pay for the task.
2Assign a Super Pin

After seeing all the bids and responses to the posted task, you can now assign a Super Pin to do your task.

Once your assigned Super Pin gets the task done, you just need to reconfirm the “closing of task” and review your Super Pin.

My Feedback and Experience

The Super Pins (2 actually came!) arrived on time. They even texted me to inform that they were on their way to my house already. I thought it was a nice gesture.
When they came, I briefed them on what to do and they started working already per floor. They were very masipag! Sweet girls actually. My lola made chika to them and we learned that they were actually college students who were looking for part-time jobs to help support their studies. Kudos to them!

After their tasks was done, Geof was so excited to be in the photo. We had our bathrooms cleaned! Each of our 4 bathrooms were cleaned by them!  It was full of mildew na kasi! HAHAHA kahiya! But after the superpins cleaned it, it was spiffy again.


pardon for the unruly hair, we were in a rush for my kiddo’s graduation! 🙂

This might seem new in the Philippines but I really recommend Tasktics if you need to get something done! I actually posted another task but this time for a VA. I appreciate that they screen your potential assistants before sending them over. You can post a wide range of tasks from typing jobs, to house cleaning, even baby sitting!
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