Event: L’Oreal #FoundMyTrueMatch

OMG I should stop scrolling facebook. Well, maybe lessen my time scrolling? Okay I admit. I’ve become the person I hated the most. A social media addict, mindlessly reading from trivia to photos to selfies to rants. What have I become? I need a technology detox pretty soon or else I’d go haywire. How are you doing? Me? Still distracted from dating and hoping I’d finally find my true match. Good thing L’Oreal helped me find mine with their foundation and concealer. (O-ha segway!) 

Last week, we’ve been invited for the final leg of events of L’Oreal this year. Ending with a shebang, they launched their new products here in the Philippines. The True-Match Concealer, True Match Foundation, Magic Blur Primer, Brow Artist Powder, and Brow Artist Pencil. The objective of the event is to visit all 4 booths and try each product and getting a corresponding key to unlock the special prize!
The True Match Concealer stick. DJ Cerah commented on my IG that she liked this product a lot.
Brow Artist Powder and Wax to keep your brows fleek and on point.
It was held at Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Parlor at BGC
Hi Gretchen!
The limo van for station 2 where I got to find my perfect foundation shade!
Hi Ianna!

Did I win? Will my keys unlock the prize from this model they hired as eye candy?

No I lost!

I can’t wait to review these products for you guys! Which ones would you like me to review first? I just tried the primer and brow artist powder and they are love love love!

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