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As a mum it’s always going to be a challenge to feel sexy again after giving birth. But seeing the countless mums that look incredible as ever before now inspires me even more and gives me the motivation i need to keep going.  If they can do it so can I, and I am not getting any younger. As a fitness junkie I love experiencing new activities to get my sweat on and recently have been quite fascinated in martial arts. Yes that’s right! The action packed, self defense sport that have been demonstrated in many action movies. I decided to try a few classes out and see if what I read was actually true, because all I hear is only good things and could benefit not only our bodies in the long run but our mentality on life too. The main reasons why I wanted to join is to feel sexy again, and there’s nothing more sexier than a woman that oozes self confidence and knows how to handle herself. Here are more sexy reasons why you should start today!


Martial arts can improve your appearance

After a few sessions I already noticed my body felt more toned and tight. Martial arts like Taekwondo and Muay Thai are both high cardiovascular activities, and will get your heart rate energy up and you’d be sweating buckets in no time. Rejuvenating your body after you’ve sweated with lots of water will do wonders for your skin, and keep it looking fresh with a healthy glow. Just a few more punches kicks and blocks, soon I will be back into that little black dress of mine again.


Martial arts can improve your posture

Talking and walking like a lady is sophisticated, classy and extremely sexy. When you practice martial arts you will learn how to position yourself in fight stances and this works on your balance and coordination. These exercises will target the posture of your body and this can then improve your organs to function better meaning you will have a healthier system. Nobody looks good when their slouchy so stand tall and look like you own it.


Martial arts can improve your concentration

The focus you need when participating in this sport is crucial, and the goal is to completely lose yourself so it just becomes only you and the art. That way you will be more connected with your mind body and soul. This can then be taken to other areas of everyday life and activities whether it be in the office or at home. Being a busy mum and juggling chores and the forever growing to do list will get easier, knowing that you can get things done is an attractive quality and you will feel better about it too.


It can reduce your stress

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yes. Anything that can cure stress cures aging and wrinkles! If we are less stressed in our lives there would be more smiles than frowns and a good smile is always an attractive feature to have. The movements and breathing techniques found in martial arts helps our bodies to relax, meditate and keeps our tension levels low. If we can learn to control our stress better than less negativity and arguments there are, just more love to spread.


I urge you to go try at least a few sessions and see if you experience the same results as me. Martial Tribes is a very useful site explaining all the different types of martial arts techniques there are out there. Personally I am thoroughly enjoying my Boxing and Tai chi classes right now however, I plan to try them all.

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