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Everyone is Superficial : An Asessment on Physical Standards of Attractiveness

What would be your initial reaction if someone asked you. “Is beauty subjective or objective”? This article can be applied to both men and women.

Objectively, if we’re to follow society’s standards of physical beauty you would still have to answer “From who’s standards” Because it would also depend from what region and culture. To avoid sounding racist I would not indicate from which region these would come from. Citing some examples:

  • Spend thousands of dollars with tanning services.
  • Using different whitening products to achieve fairer skin, even to the point of injecting glutathione in their bloodstream which is not even scientifically proven
  • Getting blepharoplasty, surgery to have double eyelids and make your eyes appear bigger
  • Wearing of circle lenses

Oh and you must have heard about the Golden Ratio. It’s a scientific method to measure the attractiveness of your face based on its proportions. There’s even an android application¬† and an online application you can use so you can know your score.

For scientific purposes, I have conducted an experiment to calculate my facial symmetry. Details are in the image below

Did you calculate your score? Feel free to share your results below. If you’re up to it! So if you’re measured as “pretty”, what’s next?

Let’s look forward 10 years, 20 years. Soon enough your near perfect proportions will droop down and sag away. Will you be considering getting plastic surgery to maintain the appearance of your youth?

There would also be a number of people who would say that beauty is subjective. It would depend on the other person who is looking at you. People have preferences. Other factors will come into play

  • Level of intellect (ugh another thing to be measured, this would be a separate topic), but one does not require to reach a high level. One should just be as in the “same wavelength”.
  • Culture
  • Talent
  • Social skills
  • Compatibility
  • Wealth

It would always be a combination of both. It would be contradictory and a great irony on my part if I told you that beauty is always skin deep.

You can say that makeup should just enhance whatever we already have and not make us look like a totally different person. The case would be different for muses, models, makeup artists who use cosmetics as their canvass for their art. Much respect for them and it would be a totally different story.

We should not dramatically change who we are. Instead, we should just be the best of ourselves.
Crooked teeth? Get braces. Acne? Go to a dermatologist. Damaged hair? Get a salon service.
Dry skin? Moisturizer. Pale? Flushed? Stressed? Get some sleep and drink plenty of liquids.

Oh and did you know smiling increases our face proportion by a significant level? So smile and be happy! Cliche as it may sound, but the person who can gives us the best validation that we our beautiful is ourselves.

Lots of love,

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