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Family Law: Understanding this Legal Concept

Maybe you’ve heard the term “family law,” but you may not know precisely what this means. It’s worth knowing that term, though, even if you’re not in the legal profession. You might find yourself in family court, so you should know about this legal niche.

Family law necessitates the prowess of a skilled legal mind, and some lawyers practice this kind of law exclusively. Let’s talk about this legal area and what goes into it.  


If you have a spouse and you’re not getting along, then you might feel you must divorce. That’s never an easy decision, but you may reach that point at some juncture.

If you feel like you must divorce your spouse, you will hire a lawyer who knows all about family law. Some attorneys do family law exclusively, and that certainly includes divorce.

They will know all about how to get you the best deal regarding your alimony payments, whether you’re on the receiving or paying every month. They will also help you as you divide up your various possessions with your spouse.

Child Custody

Family law often involves child custody as well. During divorce cases, if you have kids, you must decide where they’ll live. Maybe you want full custody, or perhaps your spouse wants it.

A lawyer who knows about family law can help you hash out these details. Maybe you’ll end up having the kids alternating weeks, or you might just see them on the weekends. If you care about your kids very much and want them in your life, you can understand how hiring the right lawyer matters.


Family law also involves adoption. As you might imagine, you must go through a long, involved process before you can legally adopt a child. You need a highly reputable attorney who can help you navigate the various steps before you can take a child home and call them your own.

The right attorney can help you locate a child. They can help you set up the environment that the family court system feels you must have in place to be a caring, loving parent. This process might take many months, but with an experienced lawyer’s help, you can bring a child into your life and raise them.


You might marry someone, and if you do it here in the US, it’s probably easy enough if you’re both American citizens. You may have a situation, though, where you married someone in another country, and the courts might feel you’re not legally married under US law.

The US might try to deport your spouse. These situations can happen sometimes, and when they do, you will need a lawyer who knows all about these cases. They can often convince the court to let your spouse stay in the US.

Any situation involving family matters usually involves family law. Some law offices know all about the scenarios we’ve described, and a time might come when you must locate one.

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