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Fashion: How to Wear Tights Like a Grown Up

How to Wear Tights Like a Grownup


Tights are some of the best fashion items during the winter. But only when outfitted right though. When worn properly, not only do they allow you to extend the wear of your summer staples but they also keep your legs warm and toasty. An additional perk of adding a pair of tights to your wardrobe is how affordable they are. Of course, every woman loves to see her closet expand without spending a huge amount of money.

However, tights can be quite challenging for grownup women to pull off with style. Here are some tips on how to wear your tights as an adult:

Experiment with Styling

Because tights can be worn under most articles of clothing, their styling possibilities are almost endless. You can wear them under a pair of shorts, a dress, or a skirt from the summer season. If you have a dress that is too short to wear, think about wearing tights underneath it instead of having to throw it away.

Be Creative with Texture

You can take your tights to the next level by choosing the ones with different textures  such as lapel pin or you can use patterned accessories in order to make a fashion statement. Elizabeth from The Homemakers Journal says, “you can style a pair of stockings with furry clothes, a denim skirt, or a lightweight dress. Paying attention to small details will add depth to an otherwise plain ensemble”. Moreover, experimenting with different textures will keep you from falling into a wardrobe rut during the winter.

Be Smart with Patterns and Textures

Of course, you can wear tights that are not black. However, experiment with caution because one wrong choice can mess up your whole look. While daring patterns and bold hues might look like fun, they might end up overpowering your outfit. Additionally, a pair of tights that is too busy will look like a costume and should be saved for Halloween.

Wear the Right Shoes

pexels-photo-40101.jpegWhen donning tights, select shoes that have a lengthening effect on your legs and make you look polished. Boots – whether they are over-the-knee, flat, or heeled- are the safest option when it comes to tights. However, if you want to, you should also consider spicing up your outfit with a pair of chunky open-toed heels or sneakers.

Wearing the right socks or stockings can also solve travel problems like pinched nerve, or leg cramps.

Keep it Simple When in Doubt

This is a rule of thumb that applies to most sartorial situations, which means that tights are not an exception to the rule. If your wardrobe is boring, assemble your outfit from simple basics. Just throw on a simple black dress over your tights and wear a moto jacket over everything.

Take off the Shine

Do you think that wearing overly shiny tights is a good idea? Stay away from black opaque colors that come with sheen. Such tights have a way of making your calves look wider; so if your calves are a problem area that you like to hide, avoid shiny tights.

Short Skirts Need Tights

Are you a fan of mini and micro skirts? Having bare legs in the office is not an option if you want to keep your job or be respected amongst your co-workers. By the time you sit down, the skirt will ride up a few more inches, making you look as if you are not wearing anything. To stay dignified and professional, pair short skirts with thick tights. Check out here if you are looking for a durable pair of tights.

Opt for High Denier

Thin black tights are less forgiving on the legs, especially for women who have knobby knees. Moreover, these tights ladder easily. If you wear tights that have a denier of lower than 50, your legs will look bare. When you opt for thicker varieties, they can even substitute leggings. If you want to hide your stomach pouch, wear the kind that sucks in your tummy.

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