domino's pizza philippines
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Domino’s Thin Crust Cheese Pizza Appreciation Post

domino's pizza philippines
domino’s pizza philippines

If there’s only one food you can eat for your entire life, what would it be? Me? PIZZA. It’s basically a complete meal. A delicious one in fact. Dough, cheese, tomato sauce and seasonings. If you order it with a lot of toppings like something with meat and vegetables. There you have it, the food pyramid in a pie. If you’re going to ask me what’s the best tasting fastfood pizza in the Philippines. I would have to say, DOMINO’S tops our list. Especially their super simple but super savory thin crust cheese pizza *drool*


It’s so good, I ate a couple of slices first before taking a photo. It’s not the most attractive looking pizza but it sure damn hell tastes like it. Whenever we order at Domino’s, we see them roll the dough and make it fresh. Bake it fresh.


The crust is perfectly cooked each time with the right amount of crisp and chewyness. The cheese is gooey, not that salty, and compliments the crust.


Like how Jon Snow matches Danaerys :)) Here’s a tip: Put in some hot sauce and the glorous deliciousness explodes in your mouth and tickle your tastebuds.


My son is a picky eater but he can finish an entire box himself.


It’s not nakakasawa so it’s one of our default places to eat if we can’t think of a place. Ahhhh.. now I want me some domino’s 🙂



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