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Fashion OOTD: Wearable Punk Japanese School Girl

I’m 28 and not ashamed of my age. I wear clothes depending on the combination of both my mood+occassion. IDGAF if I’m 52 if I still wanna wear this outfit I will. LOL. If you need more inspiration you can check out Celtic & Co for amazing products.



I have an event for the launch of Banila Co that day, then dinner with the boyfriend at Van Gogh is BiPolar. My favorite hangout place to date.



I wanted to look fiesty, fun, flirty, and feminine


Tiger Sweater from Jellybean
Black and white checkered schoolgirl skirt from 2% HK can be found at SM Woman
Leather Chuck Taylors from Converse



I also think that how you feel also depends on what you’re wearing. I mean if you’re wearing lounge clothes you’d rather stay at home. If you wear jeans and shirt you’re probably bored or tired to think of what to wear. My outfit was fiesty, fun, cute and punk! It made me feel fiesty and cool too!


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