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6 Tips on How to Look Younger than Your Age from Michelle Sison

forties woman’s revelation on her fountain
of youth
 Wow, she looks so fit considering she’s in her 40’s already! We’re not getting any younger folks; I myself am turning 28 next year huhuhu and then a couple more years and I’ll be leaving the calendar. That’s why I have an additional goal that I’ll you’ll be noticing soon enough. I want to hold on to my youth as long as I can. If at 28 I can still be mistaken as a college student that’s good enough for me *win wink*.
 Today I’ll be sharing with you tips from  Michelle Medina-Sison, 45, a businesswoman
and a mother of two, is successfully stemming the tide of time. Unlike many
women in their 40s, she still enjoys admiring glances from both men and women
with her svelte figure and flawless complexion.
A Business Management graduate of De La
Salle University, she pursued a career in banking. “I gained weight when I was
in the bank, because of the nature of the work. You attend lunch or dinner
meetings. You hardly have the time to exercise,” she says.
She was at her biggest at 150 lbs. after
giving birth to her first born. It was also during this time that she and her
husband Hayden Sison were establishing their business selling Herbalife nutrition products. In a span of 20 years, Michelle worked on to maintain a
healthy and active lifestyle. Now, she muster the courage to step out and share
the habits that made it possible for her to look younger than her age:

6. Watch out what you ingest.

to Michelle, her diet evolves around fish, chicken and vegetables. She doesn’t
eat beef, pork, cheese, cream, mayonnaise and fried food. She uses pure olive
oil for cooking and loves it especially with her salad. She does not drink
anything that is high in sugar. Her ideal breakfast is a protein shake. For lunch or dinner, she eats
salad with a dish of fish or chicken with only half a cup of rice. The key
there is not to deprive your self and observe portion control.

5. Forget smoking and avoid alcoholic drinks.

She doesn’t smoke because she is aware of its nasty effects on the skin and
one’s overall health. Except for red wine on special occasions, Michelle
prefers drinking plenty of water. “I take plenty of water to support
hydration,” she adds. In a day, she drinks an estimate of one to two liters of

4. Supplementation is key.

emphasized the value of taking the right supplement to support healthy
nutrition. “I lost weight within a few months of supplementing two meals with a
shake. What I am now is a product of my commitment to a healthy eating, taking
the best supplements and exercise,” she further reveals.

3.  Keep

Michelle believes while healthy eating habits play a major part
in her transformation she is convinced that exercising regularly helps one to
look and feel young. She sticks to a ratio of 80 percent total nutrition
composed of quality food and premium supplements and 20 percent exercise. It
worked well for her in achieving an ideal weight of 109 lbs. “When you get to
the habit of exercising, maintaining it becomes fun and simple,” she says,
adding that, “I go to the gym four times a week or more. I only do very light
exercises. I spend 30 minutes on the treadmill. I work out my triceps, lower
and upper abs, thighs and legs.”

2. Do not neglect your face.  

Judging by the way she looks,
Michelle looks even younger than her age. There were hardly any visible
wrinkles on her face. She swears that she never had botox or underwent any drastic facial procedure aside from an arsenal of skin care products she
applies on her face – cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye cream and facial mask.

1. Living a Balanced life.

believes in living a full life surrounded with good and sincere friends.
“Do what makes you happy. Avoid anything that does not conform to your
values and follow your heart,” she concludes.

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  • Precious Joy Angeles

    Lahat po ng sinabi niya any tama. Ang pinaka gusto ay yung forget smoking and alcohol. That is the main factors po talaga ng aging na dapat iwasan. You should apply that also Ms. Kat for a younger looking of you.

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