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First Impressions: Whisper Skin Love – It’s that Time of the Month Again

Sobrang perfect timing when Whisper sent me their Whisper Skin Love kit all wrapped up in a cute pink box with a blue ribbon. Why perfect? Because I just had my period the other day LOL. Don’t you hate the first few days? The flow is so strong using an ordinary napkin would make your feel hot, stuffy and uncomfortable.
Continue reading for more details and first impressions.


My Whisper Skin Love Kit Included:

  • Body Lotion
  • Hand Lotion
  • Whisper Skin Love Ultra Slim for Night Pads
  • Whisper Skin Love Ultra Slim Pads


Did you know that Whsiper Skin Love is the best selling pad in Japan? It’s the first and only pad with breathable protection.
  • Whisper Skin Love is designed with a gentle to skin Air Dry Cushion Topsheet for 2x air flow, for a more breathable and comfortable experience
  • Even at 1/3rd the thickness, Whisper Skin Love guarantees 3x more absorbency by pulling wetness deep into the bottom of the pad and away from your skin to keep you fresh and confident.


I’m really taking photos of this so you can see. It’s sealed in a very feminine pink sheet


Notice how really thin the pad is? Thinnest I’ve seen so far!


It’s long enough to provide protection from front to back and has wings so we can fly (kidding)

First Impressions

  • It feels like second skin. I wore this on the 2nd day of my period which has the heaviest flow. I never felt hot or stuffy!
  • I felt dry the whole time wearing this. Unlike other pads na you know you won’t get stains but you still feel wet, and when you go the bathroom you see the blood sitting on top of the pad. With Whisper Skin Love it’s way way way absorbed underneath
  • It stayed on and didn’t budge. It’s adhesive is strong enough to bond even with different fabric of your underwear
This has got to be the most comfortable sanitary pad I’ve worn so far. I wish they it also came with a non-wing version in the future! #FeelTheLove

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