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Ysa Papaya Soap Review

It’s been a habit of mine that whenever I run out of soap, I purchase a different one to try. I am a believer that our skin can get immuned to whatever we are using even if it is effective for us so it’s nice to have change ocassionaly.
I remember the first time I’ve used YSA Papaya Soap (orange) back when I was in highschool. I loved it because it was cold pressed, all natural, and smelled really good. It smelled like lavender. It also worked like miracles on pimples. However, as the years go by, the quality depreciated. My favorite YSA soap was no longer cold pressed, it turned into another generic whitening soap bar that takes a long time to melt. It wasn’t pure anymore. It was full of fillers. They even put in the label “improved formulation” but to be honest it was the opposite.
When I dropped by the local Watsons store nearby, I spotted something different. A green papaya soap. They say that a papaya fruit’s enzymes are more potent when it is green than ripe. The YSA papaya soap (green) was also marketed as an acne soap. Give YSA a 2nd shot? Why not?




  • It still smells like lavender.
  • It did not make my skin dry
  • My skin feels clean and well exfoliated after using
  • The bar of soap lasts long
  • It says on the ingredient’s list it still uses natural ingredients like Virgin Coconut Oil
  • It did help drying my bum acne -_-


  • It’s not cold-pressed
  • An ingredient says it has an “anti-inflammatory agent”; just that. What is it? They should’ve told us

Will I be repurchasing?

YES! It helped dried out my pimples. This is an excellent soap for those with acne problems without drying your skin or irritating it.


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